Current Retrogrades ~ by Natasha

Current Retrogrades ~ by Natasha

There are A LOT of planets in retrograde at the moment. Retrogrades are not all doom, gloom, death and destruction as they are stereotyped to be. People tend to dread retrogrades, Mercury in particular, however retrogrades are a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Firstly what is a retrograde? The position of the planets, in the Zodiac, are based on where we see them in sky from our point of view, here on Earth. A retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards in the sky. All planetary orbits are elliptical, we see them go one direction when they are following the co-vertex and when they make a turn at the vertex (the furthest end of their orbit) and transition back, the planet looks like it’s going backwards in the sky.

Planetary Retrograde

Ok enough nerdy geometry science shit, what does this mean for us? Every retrograde brings us 3 gifts or challenges to work through. At first gift is as it starts its transition when the planet is at its vertex. This is the time to assess yourself and figure out what the challenge will be for you during a particular retrograde. As the planet goes to the vertex of its orbit, it will sit there for a couple of days. This is when the effects of the retrograding planet are the strongest. This is the perfect time to gain more insight into yourself and issues. As the planet transitions back to take regular orbit, the gift of issues being resolved and insight is gained.

So let’s explore the gifts that the current retrograding planets are giving us this time around. How these planets and retrogrades impact you, depend highly on where that particular planet falls in your birth chart, the angles and aspects to it etc. For example, I have a very weak Mercury in Pisces, Mercury retrogrades don’t impact me. My Mars in Aries really hits me when Mars retrogrades. I don’t like who I am when Mars retrogrades. To find out where your planets fall in your specific birth chart, please contact either myself or Lyllith and we can interpret your chart for you.

Uranus R in Taurus 1st House

Uranus planet - retrograde Taurus

A retrograding Uranus brings in cataclysmic changes to the conscious self, different points of view and a general feeling of revolution. Uranus in Taurus is an interesting placement as Taurus is stubborn, tried and tested and Uranus is random, chaotic and likes to change things up. All of this happening in the first house means that we may be experiencing a change to our identity. We might be changing the ways we perceive ourselves and work on removing long held ideas and beliefs about oneself and how we project our selves to the world. This might also be a time where it appears there is a struggle between change and to stay with the old ways or rebellion and revolution are knocking on our door. This whole vibe could just be a mask for what’s really happening. Sit back and focus on what’s really happening, both with how you see yourself, how you show yourself to others and how others show you. Uranus has been retrograding since August 19th and will go back to normal in January 18 2022, so we have time to reflect and make real changes.

North Node R in Gemini 2nd house

Fucking Gemini. Where the North Nodes falls in your birth chart essentially tells you what needs to be done to achieve your souls’ purpose. The North Node at the moment falls in Gemini. It asks us to find ways to express ourselves clearly in a straightforward manner. This is the time to develop your inner securities and not be afraid to speak our inner truth. During the retrograde, we need to find new ways of doing this. The retrograde of the North Node last a couple of weeks so be quick on this.

Mercury R in Libra 7th house

This is the one that everyone fears, whether they need to or not while completely ignoring every other planet that retrogrades in the sky. This time Mercury retrogrades in the seventh house in Libra. This may impact how we communicate in our romantic relationships, how we think about our partners and our perspective on things. Libra is notorious for being indecisive and passive aggressive. Mercury in Libra at this time might mean making decisions in relationships might be difficult as you are able to see things from all perspectives. Be mindful on making decisions around your romantic relationships, that based on what other people’s opinions rather than your actual situation. This energy enters our lives on the 29th of September and Mercury goes direct on the 19th of October.

Pluto R in Capricorn 10th house MC

Pluto has been bringing in change, death and new life since April this year. It is currently making its way back through Capricorn, currently sitting very close to the MC. This may mean there are changes coming to your work and how you project yourself to the outside world and people who do not live with you or are intimate with you. Now is a good time to assess what needs to be “out with the old, in with the new” in your life, particularly around your career and public life. This is an ideal time to bring in changes, especially those which were inevitable. Pluto will go direct on the 7th of October.

Saturn R in Aquarius 10th House

Saturn in Aquarius is one of my favourite vibes. Saturn retrograde is a good time to restructure, rearrange, consolidate and remove things that don’t work. Saturn also rules Aquarius, bringing in an energy that is fixed, structured, controlling that loves boundaries and discipline. This vibe in Aquarius allows us to find new and innovative ways of doing things in our work and public life (going hand in hand with the energy Pluto is bringing in). Seek the unconventional ways of restructuring your career. Be mindful not to be too stuck in your ways, overly quirky or too isolated in your approach. Saturn will be doing it’s thing till the 11th of October.   

Jupiter R in Aquarius 11th house

A Jupiter retrograde is a boom or bust energy. You may experience large amounts of gain or loss. Jupiter in Aquarius in the 10th house might cause you to focus on the humanitarian aspect of work and your public life. Do you work to serve others and cause or to serve yourself?  Jupiter will go direct on the 18th of October.

Neptune R in Pisces 11th House

Neptune rules dreamy, watery Pisces. And in amongst this, flowy, watery energy things can become very blurred. Neptune retrograding can make things appear not as they are.  The 11th house rules friendships, your part in society and your social consciousness. Be mindful that interactions with friends are based in reality and not in delusion. For example, double check that what your mate texted you is actually what they meant and not what you thought they meant. Be mindful of over indulging, including the use of drugs, alcohol and food when with friends. Psychic abilities may be impacted at this time.

Chiron R in Aries 12th house

Chiron is all about healing. Chiron in Aries brings healing by focusing on our higher self and less on the Ego, in this case what you need to boost your self-esteem and sense of self-importance. This retrograde may mean there might be a slight break down in how you set up and maintain boundaries. This goes hand in hand with Saturn retrograding in Aquarius, which asks us to reassess how we set boundaries. Remember you are enough and important because you are you and you don’t need validation from others, especially if it means compromising your boundaries. Chiron will be retrograding till the 20th of December.

Retrogrades sound full on and sometimes they really are, but they are a great time to focus on the inner self, what brings you peace and what needs to be changed to allow you to live the way you want. Astrology allows us to find a deeper understanding of who we are and why we do the things we do and reflect on the deeper self that gets ignored in the daily grind. It empowers us to create a life we really want.

~ Natasha, Sea Soul Tarot

Natasha is our resident Astrologist and offers Tarot, Astrology, Psychometry and Celestial Counselling in the shop every 3rd Saturday. 

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