How religious beliefs affect kids

How religious beliefs affect kids

Hello every one!

It is very important that beliefs and religion are not affecting the friendships of children at school, I know it is difficult to handle but there is just one reason that it happens.

Many parents think they are capable of taking control of their children’s beliefs, such as making them have to believe in a certain religion for example: Christian, jehovah witness or any others even pagan.

I have had the same problem before, one of my friends were jehovah witness and my other Christion. My jehovah witness friend’s mum was not a fan of me because I am pagan, her mum told her not to be friends with me. The next day at school she told me, I was very upset as well as her, but the thing is, my friend doesn’t believe in Jehovism witness, her mum told her to believe in it.

As I mentioned, different beliefs are very effective against friendships at school. Finally, they figured it out as she had told her mum she did not wish to continue believing in a god she does not believe in. her mum was a little bit angry and upset, but in the end, it worked out well, her mum understood what she said, after that we were friends again.

Even though it took a while, we still got there in the end. It takes great patients and the guts to speak to your is just wrong that parents do that, every child is free they should be allowed to follow the religion that they choose, as long as they are happy with their choice, that is all that matters.

Also, when you are told you can’t be friends with someone for religious reasons, it affects your religion too. You will think that your religion is bad because of the situation you are in; you’ll think that no one will be your friend because you have a bad religion, and you should know that’s not true to you. you may hate the religion, but not the person.

That is the one thing that people need to think about, if her mum thought I was a nice person, but she didn’t like my religion, she would still let me be friends with my friend.

The other thing that you need to look out for is that if they constantly keep talking about their religion, I kind of take as they are pushing their religion onto you, so if that were to happen you need to be cautious.

So the main things you should of learned from this:

  • Make sure other religions aren’t pushed upon you
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your parents the truth
  • Be cautious of friends parents
  • Don’t let parents control their child’s beliefs

Thank you all!

Saige Xx

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