A Big Red Dragon ~ a story by Saige

A Big Red Dragon ~ a story by Saige

This is a story I wrote for Dad a year ago that I thought I would share with you all, I hope you like it!

One cold Winter day an angry dragon named Donevan was so angry and selfish because he lived in the warm caves and all the people kept on visiting him because they were cold and he was warm.

He would make faces to scare them off and he would dribble and kick, he would do anything to get them out, he would keep his cave to himself and wouldn't even let his dad in!

Donevans Dad

One day, a friendly blue scaled dragon asked him to go on an adventure with her, Donevan said ye so the two dragons flew off to the High Adventure Hills and on the way, they went over the Blue Dragons' Village where lots of other Dragons were helping people find warm shelter. The Blue Dragon told Donevan about how she liked to care and share.

Gabby the blue dragon

While they were flying, Donevan asked her what her name was, she replied that her name was Gabby. Soon they arrived at the hills and they layed down for a rest.

While they were resting, they looked up at the sky and sighed loudly. Gabby continued to tell Donevan about caring and sharing and they climbed up the hill still talking.

Soon at the top of the hill there were lots of people, Donevan remembered what Gabby had been telling him and he decided to try to do it too! He closed his eyes and took a big breath, then he asked the people if they would like to come to his cave for warmth and shelter and they said yes!

Donevan the Red Dragon

The people climbed onto Donevans back and he flew carrying them, back to his warm cave. Donevan then asked the rest of the Village people if they wanted to come to the cave too and told them that he had learnt a big lesson about caring and sharing.

The End

Saige xox


[Image credits: found online via deviantart.net]

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  • Kelly - May 18, 2016

    What a fantastic story i loved it <3

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