Whats been happening

Whats been happening

Hi every one! I am terribly sorry I haven't posted much things on the blog entry, I've been really busy lately, only because I now have my own facebook page  www.facebook.com/SaigeWinterbear  so I have been posting videos such as:

  • cards of the day
  • crystal of the day
  • hello posts
  • free question time

and I take photo's of:

  • crystal grids
  • rituals
  • shared things

and I also message people, and I now have my own witchy Products such as: Wands, themes, pentacles, crystal pouches, ritual candles and much more.

I also do online readings as u would know

much other stuff too! I bought my very own laptop too!


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Saige xox


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  • Saige - May 28, 2018

    Hi guys, it is me and i am letting you know that i now have my own website! i will do blogs now on my website here is the link…. https://saigewinterbear.wixsite.com/saige/shop

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