Limited Edition Themed Boxes

We have decided to switch up our themed boxes, previously run via a 12 month subscription basis, to make them more of a limited edition collection rather than running on yearly cycles.

Our Beginners Wicca Box remains as is, a subscription over 12 months. It is available here

Those currently subscribed to one of our boxes, your subscriptions will not be effected by these changes and will continue as normal until completed or cancelled. 

Themed Boxes will be offered in limited numbers each month and remain available until sold out. Be quick and check back often / follow us on facebook or Instagram for updates and to know when new boxes become available to order!

*Sabbat Boxes will become available 1-2 months prior to each Sabbat date and we will soon introduce "top up boxes" for those who only require the base items for a previously purchased Sabbat without the additional information sheets etc.