Botanical Soap ~ Inner Peace

Lylliths' Emporium


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Inner Peace is perfect for times of trouble or stress and anxiety. This soap is also wonderful to use before bed or just to unwind after a long day. When using before magick spells and rituals, it is ideal for self love, stress, healing and comforting spells.

Infused with essential oils of lavender, frankincense, blue chamomile and a few drops of gingergrass with my organic anxiety herbal blend and a rose quartz crystal.

Made from a mixture of soap bases, essential oils, organic botanicals and gemstone infusion. 

Approx. weight 90g

Each soap is either wrapped in greaseproof paper or shrinkwrapped, then wrapped in kraft paper with it's label and ribbon or twine. The scent becomes stronger with use. If keeping unwrapped soap as display without using it, it may "sweat" (this is normal), just rinse it in water and pat dry if this becomes an issue - bonus of the essential oil scent refreshing! 

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the botanical infusions in these soaps, they WILL discolour - this is simply the herbs natural colour infusing more into the soap and does not affect the properties (in fact it enhances them) or use as a soap for cleansing. Some soaps will discolour fast than others due to temperature and the herbs used as you can see in some of the photos taken 3 days after I made them.