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Summer Solstice / Litha Sabbat Box (pre-order) *these boxes will be posted out last week of November through to the 1st of December

Our Sabbat Box is filled with everything you need for the upcoming Sabbat, Solstice or Equinox.

Each box includes a handmade Sabbat Candle, Incense blend with charcoal, Ritual, Information about the Sabbat and suggestions for decorating and celebrating, as well as other items relevant to the Sabbat.

Please allow 2 weeks for your Sabbat Box to arrive and order keeping this in mind so your Box will arrive on time for the appropriate Sabbat.

(Photos of various boxes & may or may not depict the current boxes available, some items may be substituted with similar items and value)

These boxes are shipped out on the dates provided, sometimes we may need to wait for certain items to be crafted (Sabbat Candles take 2 days), or for supplies to arrive and may take a few weeks before we can ship your box out to you. We do try our best to keep our site updated with quantities available but we are only human. Your patience is greatly appreciated! 


*** Would you like us to include your photos on our website? Tag us on Instagram @LyllithDragonheart when posting pics of your orders and boxes ***

Customer Reviews

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Leigh Pearce
Litha sabbat box

Completely fantastic!!! The candles were just stunning!

Sharon Bottin

Just what i needed.. Package is perfect..