Sachet Powders - Choose your Purpose

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Sachet powders offer a purifying fragrance wherever they are used. Powder blowing is is said to rid an area of foul or unsavory "presences," to put an end to negative conditions, and for gaining luck, money, happiness, or love. Some believe sprinkling powders in the corners of a room and door steps will help drive out evil spirits.

Also called sprinkling powders and blowing powders. 

Our Sachet Powders are made by Original Botanica, USA 

  • Sold in mini ziplock bags with tag, average weight 10g
  • (some may be slightly more, others slightly less)
  • Larger Quantities can be ordered on request - there may be a slight delay in shipping if we need to order more in for your requirements

Currently Available:

  • Attraction Powder
  • Crossing Powder
  • Graveyard Dust
  • Confusion Powder
  • Banishing Powder
  • Come to me Powder
  • Gris Gris Powder