Astrology & Numerology

Lyllith is now offering Astrological Birth Charts, along with Numerology Profiles delivered via email or a printed version sent by mail. 

Please remember to check you have access to the email address associated with your PayPal account, or email us at shop @ (no spaces) and that your postal address is correct when checking out if ordering a printed version.

  • Astrological Birth Chart - $70 via email or $75 by post
  • Numerology Profile - $40 via email or $45 by post

BIRTH CHART / ASTROLOGY - $70 or $75 printed copy
astrology birth chartHave you ever wondered what aspects of your personality that others see but you might not be aware of? Or perhaps you're wondering which career direction best suits you based on Astrology?

Lyllith will prepare your personalised Birth Chart by hand and provide you with some general insight to your personality, best suited career path and partner along with a few other areas of life based on your Sun, Moon and Planetary Placements within the Houses.

Birth Charts are charted by hand using your Date, Time and Place of Birth on a template designed by Lyllith, coloured in intuitively and presented along with an Astrological profile of Career, Health, Love and Personality Traits.

Please allow up to a week to receive your report, plus a few additional days if receiving by post as these are fairly time-consuming (but fun!) to create, thankyou Xx  

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Date, Place & Time of Birth
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 NUMEROLOGY PROFILE - $40 or $45 printed copy

numerology profileNumerology is a wonderful way to see which direction your life may take you, along with the differences certain things can make to our lives such as name changes and even the number of the house we live in!

Lyllith will prepare your personalised Numerology Profile by hand and provide you with some general insight to your personality, best suited career and other interesting information based on your Numbers.

***Please provide both your full name given to you at birth, along with your current legal name (if different) and also your preferred name you generally go by :)  

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Date of Birth
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