Bones & Curios Readings

*** Current waiting time for Readings is about 3-5 business days due to current workload, sorry for the inconvenience and thankyou for understanding Xx

I have been guided to offer this amazing new (to me, it's actually quite an ancient form of divination!) service to you all. 

Bone & Curios readings are similar to Tarot in the way you receive your reading, at this stage Bone & Curios Readings are only available via email or in-person at the shop in Beaudesert. 

  • Bone & Curios Readings - via email, $70 or $90 with printable PDF



Bone & Curios Readings offer a detailed method of divination which looks at all aspects of your life and shows which areas need to be looked at. 

No question is required as the Bones will land and speak as needed, though you are also welcome to ask a specific question if you'd prefer the reading focused on a specific area or situation.

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