Crystal Ball Readings

Saydor (Dean) & Saige are among the very few readers who can easily communicate with crystal spheres and they love working with them to answer clients' questions. 

Crystal Ball Readings are a bit different to card readings as the crystals speak to the reader and often show their own unique personalities within a session.

Please remember to check you have access to the email address associated with your PayPal account, or email us at so we can reply directly with your reading.

  • Crystal Ball via Email with Saydor - $70
  • Crystal Ball via Email with Saige - 1Q $10, 2Q $15 or 3Q for $20
  • Crystal Ball video chat reading with Saydor - $50 (Skype $60)

crystal ball readings via emailCrystal Ball Reading with Saydor via Email - $70

Saydor (Dean) uses his Golden Sheen Obsidian sphere "Dark" along with his Clear Quartz "Rain" during readings. Sometimes he also incorporates the use of tumbled stones in his own unique style and spreads to clarify or provide more detail and direction for his clients.

Please allow 2-5 days to receive your reading due to Saydors other work commitments, thankyou!

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crystal ball readings via emailCrystal Ball Reading with Saige - $10 - $20 depending on number of questions

Saige uses her Clear Quartz sphere "Winter" during readings, she also recently obtained a new sphere and may include her in readings.

Please remember to keep questions "child friendly" for Saige - Questions will be monitored before passing on to Saige to answer, please allow a couple of days for your reading - thankyou!

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crystal ball readings via video chatCrystal Ball Reading via Video Chat with Saydor - $50 (Skype $60)

Crystal Ball Reading with Saydor via video chat on facebook messenger or Skype - a wonderful interactive way to see the crystals and be there in person without physically being present!

Limited time-frames are available due to work commitments though we will do our best to book your appointment at your preferred time

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