Mystery Theme ~ Mini: $33

Re-vamped!!! Now known as our "Mystery Witchy Theme Packages"

Monthly themes - you might receive your package in a box, satchel, padded bag or even a tube!

These fun, educational, witchy and exciting boxes are filled with bits and pieces of witchy, spiritual and unique products from crystal, incense and herbs to little figurines, books, cds, stickers and candles with anything in between! 

Our Mystery Witchy Boxes have been created to provide an exciting and unique box each month over your subscription period. Each month will include something for your spells and rituals such as a candle, incense blend, herb or crystal as well as something fun like stickers, figurines, bath salts or whatever takes our fancy that month. We will also include samples of new products and new product ideas for you to try out!

mystery subscription boxes witchcraft new age spiritual wicca pagan
 *Example Photo only (photo of several months worth of boxes) Our Mini Boxes are typically a smaller version of our large option

*Subscription box prices include postage (standard via Australia Post) 

IMAGES ARE FOR REFERENCE ONLY - An example of some of the items you'll receive over your 12 month subscription (not just one month) between both options ($33 & $60 boxes)


**Subscription boxes are run through PayPal and are paid separately to our general website shopping cart system