Psychic & Oracle Readings

Lyllith is also offering Psychic Readings along with Oracle Card Readings delivered via Email. 

Please remember to check you have access to the email address associated with your PayPal account, or email us at so we can reply directly with your reading.

  • Quick Psychic Guidance - $10 per question (with Lyllith)
  • Oracle Reading with Lyllith - $50
  • Shadow Work mini reading - $50

psychic readings 1-3 QUESTIONS Psychic Readings 
$10 per question (Quick Question, not as detailed best suited to "yes/no" type questions)
After some quick guidance on a burning question? Lyllith offers brief & direct answers using her psychic abilities. Best suited to a quick question with a short yes/no type answer.
These readings are usually offered within 24 hours, but please allow up to 3 days to receive your reading, thankyou Xx 
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Similar to a Tarot Reading, Lyllith uses Oracle Cards in a spread to answer your question and offer direction & guidance surrounding your issue or circumstances. With the focus on one aspect, area or issue these are more detailed than a quick guidance mini reading but not as in depth as Tarot. 


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Know you need to do some shadow work but not quite sure on which area to focus? A Shadow Work mini reading will provide insight to your shadow self and highlight an ideal starting point for you to begin your shadow work.



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