Reiki Healings

Our beautiful and gifted friend, Julz, is now offering distant Reiki Healing sessions for our clients.


Julz will require a recent photograph of yourself for your session, along with the following information: (Send to: )

  • Your name as you go by most often.
  • Your full legal name
  • A recent photograph of yourself
  • If you'd like Julz to focus on a specific area, please feel free to let her know (optional).

What is involved in a distant Reiki healing?

Clients are reminded to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before, during and after their healing sessions. We will contact you with your confirmed healing session day/time so you can be prepared and know when your healing will take place.

Reiki practitioners are the conduit of the energy which is tuned to the client requiring healing. Once this energy is tuned in, it flows through the energy currents which exist naturally, a bit like a phone or wifi signal does. Distance is no issue for Reiki just as no object can block the internet or phone signal.

Energy surrounds us and carries these healing vibrations to the client.

You may or may not feel the energy during your session, try to be relaxed during your scheduled booking time and allow Julz to work her magic ;)

You will Receive:
A reply email from Julz, outlining what areas were worked on and any suggestions to help you as well as any psychic messages that may have come through during your session.

Session Time
Preferred Day
Preferred Time


Legal Disclaimer: 

Reiki is believed to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself. Additionally, Reiki and other forms of energy work have much to offer in the way of increasing wellbeing and resilience. It is stress reducing, balancing and relaxing. Like meditation, Reiki treatments have a cumulative benefit. They are supportive of well-being in every way. 

Reiki treatments provided by our practitioners is of a therapeutic nature only. Reiki is complementary to and separate from medical services provided by licensed medical professionals, it is not of a diagnostic or curative approach. The practitioner is not a medically licensed physician and therefore and suggestions and recommendations made by the practitioner are not a substitute for prompt medical attention. Clients should continue to see their health care provider and should not stop prescribed medications.

The practitioner (and Lylliths' Emporium) provides no guarantee of the results from a treatment. The practitioner (or Lylliths' Emporium) is not responsible for the misuse of suggestions and comments for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms. The practitioner (and Lylliths' Emporium) accepts no responsibility for the client once healing sessions have been completed. All information provided by the client will be strictly confidential.