The Cauldron Club

The Cauldron Club - logoWe wanted to create a fun way to give back to our wonderful customers & clients and after several months of researching and planning we are excited to announce the launch of our new rewards/loyalty and VIP club... The Cauldron Club!

It's FREE to join (remember to also sign up for our E-newsletters so you can truly take advantage of the rewards we have to offer!)


  • Essentially, The Cauldron Club is a way for us to give back to our customers and clients. It consists of three aspects in which you can earn "Spell Points", along with rewards and special perks once you reach a certain number of points over a one year period. It's a rewards system, loyalty, brand enthusiast and VIP club all in one!


  • Members earn Spell Points several ways, by shopping in our online store, referring friends, family and social media followers and even on your Birthday!
  • Spell Points are like credits, 100 Spell Points is worth $1 in store credit and they can be redeemed for money off your orders, free products and other special offers as we add to the program.
  • Spell Points do expire, but you have a whole year to use them from the day you earn them.


  • In our general points system (all members), rewards include money off your purchases, free products when ordering online, store credit and we are planning on other reward options to be added as well.
  • In our VIP club, depending on which level you are a member of the rewards vary from percentage discounts, money discounts, free products, exclusive sales, being the first to try new products, exclusive offers and so much more!


  • Members are given a special, unique link which they share on Social media or via email/text etc. with their friends, family and followers. These links include a special money off offer for your friend to use on their first order too!
  • When someone who hasn't ordered from us before (non member) uses your code/link to make a purchase, YOU receive a discount on your next order!
  • The more new customers you send our way, the more you save too


  • The VIP Club is tiered based on your order history with us, the more you've spent with us, shared our store or been an active part of our online community the more points you earn and the higher your level in the VIP club!


  • We have 4 levels, starting with Jasper (all members), then Amethyst, Moonstone and Topaz.

VIP PERKS & REWARDS: without giving too much away & ruining suprises ;) 

Jasper Members may receive random rewards.

Amethyst Members receive 5% off their next order plus a special reward throughout the year of membership in this level.

Moonstone Members receive 10% off plus free shipping AND a gift on their next purchase, along with special exclusive specials & rewards throughout the year on this level.

Topaz Members receive 15% off plus free shipping on their next purchase, along with a special free gift, extra special perks & rewards throughout their year as a member on this level.


  1. Of course we needed to set up some rules, terms and conditions for this to all work and run smoothly.
  2. We are currently putting togther a comprehensive list of terms & conditions for our new rewards and loyalty programs, but the general guidelines are as follows:
  3. Spell Points expire one year after being earned
  4. Entry rewards and Benefits for VIP Levels are a one off reward only (excluding those stated as ongoing for duration of membership)
  5. Spell Points are deducted on cancelled and refunded orders (excluding partial refunds on items out of stock etc. - we're not mean :P )
  6. Only one referral code per new customer can be used - anyone caught taking advantage of the system will be banned.
  7. VIP Level memberships are based on accumalation of Spell Points over a one year period - you may be moved up or down a level after this time.
  8. Lylliths' Emporium reserves the right to cancel, alter or make changes of any kind to memberships and Point balances at any time for any reason so long as it's justified.
  9. We suggest all members ensure they are subscribed to our E-Newsletter to take full advantage of the rewards on offer as we use this mailing list (segmented for members) to promote special offers and exclusive members only deals.
  10. Spell Points can not be used to pay for shipping, or to subscribe to our subscription boxes. To use points towards a one off subscription box please contact us so we can do this manually for you as our boxes are not run through our online checkout. (points can also be used towards Layby payments, Readings and Custom Orders - again please contact us directly to arrange this)
  11. Spell Points are not automatically earned/received when booking a reading or other service, or for purchasing/subscribing to our subscription boxes though we will periodically gift points to our reading clients and subscribers because we love you Xx