Apotholite-Stillbite Cluster with inclusions

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Apotholite is another name for Apophyllite, the supplier we sourced this piece from has called it Apotholite so we will too, the crystal itself is quite happy with this :P

This cluster was mined from Jaigaon, West Bengal in India.

This beautiful and unusual cluster features several inclusions with the main base crystals of Apotholite (Apophyllite), Stillbite and Chalcedony. We will list the basic properties for these main inclusions below:

Apophyllite contains a high percentage of water, making it an efficient energy conductor and carrier of the Akashic Record. Even having an Apophyllite present in a room will enhance the energies. 

It assists with out of body journeying as it creates a conscious connection between the physical and spiritual realms, allowing information collected in the spirit realm be brought back into the physical realm. This also makes Apophyllite an excellent stone for scrying and stimulating intuition.

A stone of truth, including unwanted truths about your own behaviour, it shows how others perceive you so as you can change negative aspects about yourself if required.

Calming, stress reduction, balance of emotions, hormones and sexual desire.

An amazing stone for Reiki healing, it facilitates taking the patient into a deeper state of relaxation and receptiveness, whilst at the same time shields the healer and ensures the purest form of healing energy transfer to the patient. Apophyllite is also used to treat asthma, chest and respiratory illness, allergies, skin, eyes and any spiritual healing work.

Stillbite is a highly creative stone, it opens intuition and provides support in personal and business ventures. Another great crystal for astral travel, it protects the physical body and ensures safe return as well as offering guidance and direction to you whilst on the Astral plane.

In healing, Stillbite is used to treat brain disorders, strengthen the ligaments, helps return loss of taste and to help with detox.

Chalcedony is a very nurturing stone which promotes good will and brotherhood. It can be used to enhance and develop telepathy.

Chalcedony absorbs negative energy before dissipating it to prevent it moving on, it was once believed Chalcedony could prevent the effects of poisoning and in ancient times chalices were made from it and lined with silver for this purpose.

A stone of balance, it balances the mind, body, emotions and spirit together in harmony and promotes generosity.

Chalcedony is used as a cleanser, including for open sores. It has been used to foster maternal instincts and has been known to help increase lactation. A crystal for those suffering dementia and senility as is lessens the effects. Chalcedony increases energy, heals the eyes, gallbladder, bones, spleen, blood and circulatory system.