Atlantasite - rough

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Atlantasite is a combination of serpentine and stichtite.

Atlantasite is wonderful for those wishing to connect with past lives from the city of Atlantis, to reconnect to ancient wisdom and learn from these past lives.

A stone of spiritual evolution, these stones help those who may have misused spiritual powers in ancient times and teaches you the right use of power, the true nature of spiritual empowerment and to avoid allowing the ego take over.

Atlantasite aligns and clears the chakras, lowers stress, encourages thought before action - including thinking before speaking, modifies inappropriate behaviour, making it great for children who struggle with doing the right thing or who have issues particularly at bedtime.

A great stone for those overcoming habits, moving on from poor choices, healing old wounds and outworn patterns.

When buried, Atlantasite heals the Environment where death and destruction has occurred, it also provides harmony in the home.