Crystal Starter Set

Lylliths' Emporium


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This beautiful set of crystals is a large starter set which includes 15 hand selected tumble stones as well as information sheets which we have written to teach you the main properties of your crystals. These sheets also have photos of the different stones for those who have never worked with or collected crystals before.

Set includes:

☆ Amazonite
☆ Amethyst
☆ Aventurine (Green)
☆ Black Obsidian
☆ Bloodstone
☆ Carnelian
☆ Citrine
☆ Clear Quartz
☆ Lapis Lazuli
☆ Mookaite (Australian Jasper)
☆ Rose Quartz
☆ Tiger Eye
☆ Tree Agate
☆ Unakite
☆ White Howlite

Crystals come with a handmade drawstring pouch (varies in design)

This is a wonderful set for anyone looking for a starting point for their crystal collection or healers wishing to have a separate collection for healings rather than using their own special crystals with clients.