Black Onyx - Raw Chunks

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Onyx provides strength, support and guidance, particularly in times of trouble, confusion or difficult circumstances making it an excellent stone for those who are stressed or under enormous pressure.

Black Onyx centers your energy and aligns it with the highest powers to provide guidance when needed.

A great stone for understanding lifes' lessons and learning from them, Black Onyx also provides confidence and stamina.

Onyx is a secret keeper, it can hold your thoughts, emotions and memories within which also makes for a wonderful phsychometry stone, however it is highly recommended that you cleanse it after use if you are sensitive and ma pick up on any negative energies or memories it holds.

Black Onyx is also used in spiritual healing, it can take you back to the source of the issue so that it can be healed or corrected.

In healing, Black Onyx is most commonly used for stress, teeth, bones, blood disorders and the feet.