Brazillian Natural DT Quartz points with Hematite inclusions

Lylliths' Emporium


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Brazillian Natural Double Terminated Quartz Points with hematite inclusions. 

These stunning little DT points share the same metaphysical properties to Herkimer Diamonds.

A powerful attunement stone (particularly the small and clearerst ones) These beautiful little points energize, enliven and promote creativity as well as stimulate psychic abilities (clairvoyance, vision, telepathy, dream recall, linking to higher guidance etc.)

Truly stimulating stones, they promote a conscious attunement to the highest spiritual levels and help unlock your own potential.

Chakra clearing, Brazilian DT points open the channels for spiritual energy flow enabling growth in this area.

These beautiful points can be used as a memory bank, by filling them with memories and information to retrieve later on, like a crystal memory card.

In Healing, these crystals detoxify, protect from radioactivity, helps reduce insomnia, corrects DNA, cellular disorders, balances metabolism, eliminates stress.

*Please note that while these crystals share the exact same properties with the Herkimer Diamond, they are not the same crystal due to the legal and trademark of the name for stones mined in specific areas. 

Small Points, average 1.2cm long