Chlorite Quartz Generator

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*This particular generator is extremely clear, normally I would choose one with more Chlorite inclusions however this one called out to me to help find it's new home and it's sooooooo beautiful!

Chlorite in Quartz is a powerful and positive healing stone for both personal and the Environment energy fields. The Quartz amplifies the amazing cleansing properties of the Chlorite inclusions.

Chlorite is a wonderful stone to work with when healing excessive anger or frustration, as it gently removes and dissipates the energy.  

Chlorite is also an excellent crystal to use for cleansing the environment, sacred space, or home/office.  

Chlorite Generators and Towers make wonderful grid companions, especially when placed in a healing room or ritual space.  Sit a Chlorite Tower in an office to keep the area free and clear of cluttered, chaotic or negative energies.  

Often used in conjunction with other crystals to increase their power and abilities

In healing, Chlorite is most often used to eliminate toxins from the body and increase absorption of vitamins E, A, iron, magnesium and calcium. Chlorite is also used to treat skin growths, as a pain killer and treat liver spots.

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90g weight