Crystal Skull - Kambaba Jasper

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Kambaba Jasper, also known as Green Stromatolite or Crocodile Jasper - skull.

Kambaba Jasper is a stromatolite, a 3 billion year old fossil created by blue-green algae or cyanobacteria - doesn't sound overly appealing though does it?

Kambaba Jasper holds ancient and profoundly wise Earth energy and brings a strong sense of stability.

The perfect stone for those working with Earth energies as it provides a deeply strong connection attuning your personal energies to those of the Planet.

A stone of roots, Kambaba Jasper takes you back and reconnects you to discover your purpose for incarnation. Perfect for meditation, it also helps you connect with spiritual advisors of a different realm.

When used in healing, Kambaba Jasper is generally used to aid the digestive system and promote detoxification. It heals at a cellular level and is wonderful for those recovering from serious illness and provides an overall general well being.

Crystal Skulls are wonderful hosts for higher beings, if you own one hold it in your hands and feel if there is a presence within. If your skull feels "empty", invite the highest possible being into the skull to work with you. Of course inviting beings is a tricky one and you should be cautious when doing so as crystal skulls are notorious for hosting tricksters and require cleansing regularly when this happens.