Custom-Made Pagan/Wiccan Wand

Lylliths' Emporium


Here are some recent images of Wands we have created & sold in the past as reference for the kind of styles we make.

From something simple to something a little fancier we are more than happy to craft a special wand just for you! 

When making our wands we tune in and craft with guidance from our guides and Elementals so each wand is different, unique and created just for you. We only use fallen sticks from our own yard or local area - Gumtrees & Jacarandas are the usual trees who generously provide us with sticks and branches. Each wand is cleansed, blessed and after completion annointed with our own blend of oils and essential oils - we do not charge or consecrate wands as we believe this should be done by the witch or wizard whom it belongs to, we also cleanse it once more before sending them to help remove our own energies from the wand itself.

Custom-made wands start at $50 for something fairly basic up to $300 depending on crystals used (This could be more if you choose a rarer crystal) Any crystals used are chosen specifically for you as well - even if it means a special trip to our suppliers warehouse to find one for you ;)

If you would like us to craft your wand, please send us an email or add this to your cart and we will be in touch (please ensure your email address and phone number are correct during checkout)

╰ ☆ ╮ Blessings, Lyllith Xx ╰ ☆ ╮