Dragon Stone

Lylliths' Emporium


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Dragon Stone is also known as Bastite and is generally found in South Africa and Australia though it is slowly being found in other areas around the World.

Not to be confused with Dragon Blood Stone or Dragons Blood Jasper - which they quite often are, these are all different stones with slightly different properties.

Dragon Stone, as it name suggests, activates Dragon energy - the Earths' Kundalini helping it to heal and bring order from chaos. 

A wonderful stone for fertility, both in horticulture and humankind. Dragon Stone activates the Chakras and creativity on all levels and is particularly helpful in healing past life issues where past life abuse blocks sexual response and drive. 

To spiritually ground yourself, place Dragon Stone on your knees where the minor chakra points are. 

Wonderful for those working with Dragon energies or guides.

Dragon Stone is similar in energetic vibrations to Serpentine and other "serpent or dragon" stones