Dream Quartz Points

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Dream Quartz is often referred to as Epidote in Quartz, Epidote in Quartz is generally darker green streaks on a matrix, whereas Dream Quartz is lighter green, with a more refined vibration.

Dream Quartz is one of those crystals where people either love it or hate it when near it. Those who do not resonate with Dream Quartz need to work out why, as this usually signifies a deeply seeded attitude or limiting behaviour pattern they need to work through and transcend. These people are often (at least for the moment) unable to love their dreams or need to make changes in their lives in order to move forward.

For those of us who DO resonate with Dream Quartz and find is extremely peaceful and beautiful, this stone will help provide a gateway to deep meditative states, inter-dimensional travel, insight to lucid dreaming and assist in dream recall.

Dream Quartz is a wonderful stone for connecting to past lives and activating memories from them, it is also extremely helpful for new ideas and goals for the future.

A stone of cleansing and resetting, Dream Quartz is helpful for reframing past traumatic experiences particularly those from spiritual work or astral journeying. 

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