Dreamcatcher - Handmade #1

Lylliths' Emporium


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This beautiful handmade dream catcher has a feminine vibe, it features a beautiful Dream Quartz crystal which has been wire wrapped onto the base and secured by threading the wire through the fabric. 

In gorgeous grey, dusty pink and brown turkey and goose feathers, with silver Angel wings and small butterfly charms, beads and pale lilac lace.

Dream Quartz is extremely peaceful and beautiful, this stone will help provide a gateway to deep meditative states, inter-dimensional travel, insight to lucid dreaming and assist in dream recall.

Dream Quartz is a wonderful stone for connecting to past lives and activating memories from them, it is also extremely helpful for new ideas and goals for the future.

A stone of cleansing and resetting, Dream Quartz is helpful for re-framing past traumatic experiences particularly those from spiritual work or astral journeying. 

Dream catcher measures 31cm in diameter


*listed at 5kg to cover postage costs for the size and additional packaging