Eudialyte tumbled stones

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Eudialyte is a highly spiritual stone which opens the heart chakra and links it to the earth and root/base chakras to balance and align chakra flow to connect the mind and spirit with the emotional.

A karmic stone, Eudialyte teaches truth while also how to rectify karma due from past poor choices and events, whether from this lifetime or a previous life. 

Eudialyte also teaches how you can grow on a spiritual level through happiness and positive energies and vibrations.

Meditating with Eudialyte can help answer questions you have about a soul mate or person you find yourself deeply attracted to but are unsure as to why or what kind of relationship is "meant to be". 

A wonderful stone for those who need to learn self worth and self love, or forgiveness of themselves.

Eudialyte is also perfect for anyone who finds themselves angry at the divine source or powers that be as it dives in to find the cause of frustrations and resentment to help you move past or work through these feelings.

In healing, Eudialyte is a wonderful all-rounder as it encourages the body to self heal. It is generally used for cellular healing on a multi-dimensional level, to balance brainwaves, stabilize the nervous system and is also said to be beneficial for those suffering from Parkinsons', Alzheimers, MS and Lupus.