Green Goldstone - tumbled stones

Lylliths' Emporium


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Goldstone is not technically a natural stone, it is manmade glass with suspended flecks of copper, which give it its' sparkle.

The origins of Goldstone is unknown as there are so many different stories and beliefs of it's original creation, some even say they are natural and mined by monks rather than being created. 

However they were and are created or found, these beautiful shimmering stones are still amazing and hold special properties just like crystals and gems and other stones.

Regarded as a stone of Good Fortune, Luck and Goals, Goldstone is often carried as a talisman of luck and fortune, it is also most commonly used to help achieve goals and desires in life, particularly in business or study.

The Copper flecks in these stones of course hold the properties of Copper, a powerful energy conduit that heightens the senses, grounds and lifts spiritual communication and has long been associated with the Goddess, Venus.