Hematite Crystal Tree on Amethyst Base

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Hematite is a wonderful stone for grounding and protecting, it brings harmony to mind, body and spirit and is often used during astral journeying as it protects the soul and ensures it safe return to the physical body.

Hematite has a strong Yang element and balances the meridians, addressing Yin imbalances.

It prevents negative energy from entering the aura and dissolves negativity.

Hematite is often used in magic and as a talisman during legal situations, worn in court it is said to help justice prevail.

A powerful stone for timid women, Hematite boosts self-esteem and enhances willpower and confidence.

In healing, Hematite is wonderful for balancing over indulgence, addictions and obsessions such as over eating, smoking or drinking. Hematite stimulates focus and concentration, helps retain memory and is often used by mathematicians and students of technical subjects.

Other healing attributes of Hematite include anemia, kidneys, blood and regenerative tissue, absorption of Iron, leg cramps, anxiety, insomnia and helps with the formation of red blood cells.

Amethyst is of course a well-rounded crystal and together with Hematite is the perfect combination for students as the Amethyst helps ground and make them feel less "scattered".