Ink ~ Mixed Berry

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Handmade natural ink, crafted using organic berries, herbs and resins.

Mixed Berry Ink can be used to write in your Book of Shadows, Journals, for artwork, or even dying fabrics. 

Can be used with a quill, feather, dip pens or caligraphy pens/ ink pens

30ml rectangular glass bottle

*will cause stains, please be careful

 ***This batch of ink is more of a blue/indigo colour compared to what I had intended (joys of working with nature), I plan on skipping the blueberries in future to create a more red-toned ink as I also have intentions to create a couple of additional inks in other colours including blue. So this batch is effectively a limited edition of sorts.



Ingredients: Mixed Berries (Raspberry, Blueberries, Blackberries), organic rose petals, organic hibiscus flowers, filtered water, gum resins, alcohol as preservative.