Jasmine Becket-Griffith Halloween Colouring Book

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Author: Becket-Griffith, Jasmine

Description: A Spine-Tingling Fantasy Art Adventure Featuring Jasmine Becket-Griffiths' most loved Halloween-themed paintings Jasmine has selected 55 favorites from her vast collection of Halloween artworks to create this spine-tingling art adventure for you to enjoy.

You'll find a range of the usual Halloween suspects & many pumpkins, witches and skeletons along with beautiful gothic maidens, characters from international festivals like Dia de los Muertos and Obon, and some magical autumn fairies.

Designed for coloring book fanatics and Halloween fans both young and old, there are detailed intricacies for those who love to lose themselves in meditative detail, and there are broad patches and fun characters for those who like to take a simpler approach.

Each coloring pattern features an enlightening description about the original painting it is based on, and the individual character depicted, to satisfy the curiosity of the artists' many fans.


ISBN: 9781922161987

Dimensions: 27.5 and 21.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/07/2016

Page Count: 96