Lapis Lazuli - Gemstone Soap

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Lapis Lazuli - Gemstone inspired Soap :-) Perfect for using before casting any healing spells! Each soap is unique as no moulds are used and each one is coloured and cut by hand

Lapis Lazuli is a highly spiritual and intuitive stone, it opens the Third Eye Chakra and also balances the Throat Chakra stimulating enlightenment and enhancing dream work and psychic abilities as well as facilitating personal and spiritual power.

A wonderful stone which quickly releases stress and brings deep peace and harmony, Lapis Lazuli is filled with serenity and is a key to spiritual attainment, it also amplifies thoughts and brings clarity and objectivity whilst encouraging creativity and truth.

Lapis Lazuli has the ability to recognize psychic attacks, it blocks these energies and returns them to the source, making it a highly protective stone. It teaches us the power of words and has been used to reverse curses and illness caused by not speaking out in the past.

We have scented our Lapis Lazuli soaps with Frankincense, Myrrh and Jasmine essential oils, which have been chosen for their spiritual and peaceful properties.

Soap weighs approx. 120g (colour will not stain skin or sink)

Made from a mixture of soap bases, essential oils, mica and pigment.

Each "gemstone" soap is shrinkwrapped, scent becomes stronger with use. If keeping unwrapped soap as display without using it, it may "sweat" (this is normal), just rinse it in water and pat dry if this becomes an issue - bonus of the essential oil scent refreshing!