Natural Pearls

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Pearls consist of calcium carbonate, mostly aragonite or a mixture of aragonite and calcium and are formed within the tissues of molluscs as protection from internal irritation generally caused by grains of sand.

Spiritually, pearls soothe and heal negativity surrounding you in light and positive energy. Pearls can be used to dissolve any negative energy directed toward you and to self heal your own negative thought patterns and emotions.

A very balancing and centering mineral, Pearls remove negative attachments and psychic attack before healing the aura.

Emotional balance and centered being, Pearls are ruled by the Water element and as such they enhance truth, sincerity, loyalty and honesty.

Pearls balance hormone levels and can help women attune to the moon cycle on a physical level. 

Heart chakra, pearls open you up to finding the meaning and purpose of your true self, help heal emotional issues from the past and promote self love. Pearls help in the search for higher wisdom and truth. 

In healing, Pearls are beneficial for lung issues, helps healing heart injuries and disease, is often used as a sedative due to it's calming and serene nature and energy. Pearls are also used in fertility rituals.

Pearls have long been used in medicine to treat everything from eye infections to fever, bleeding and indigestion. Pearls are also effective for skin conditions and have been used to control ailments such as rosacea and acne.