Pink Aragonite

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Aragonite is a beautiful grounding stone which is also a reliable earth-healer as it is deeply connected to Gaia and the Earth Goddesses.

A stone of conservation and recycling, it transforms geopathic stress even from a distance. 

Aragonite is a grounding stone which also helps to center energies, stabilizes the base and earth chakras and is a wonderful mediation tool particularly when wishing to heal your inner child or childhood trauma as it does so gently.

Pink Aragonite is also connected to the fire element and enhances sensitivity, promotes generosity and promotes giving as well as receiving. 

Those who tend to do too much will find these stones useful as they help encourage delegating and taking extra pressure off oneself.

Extremely calming and stabilizing both on a physical and spiritual level, it restores balance and is useful for those who find themselves out of control on a spiritual development level.

In healing, Aragonite (particularly pink), brings warmth through the body and is wonderful for treating chills and muscle spasms. Strengthens the immune system, bones, calcium absorption, pains and is also said to restore elasticity in discs.