Sabbat Candle - Ostara

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Ostara Sabbat Candles, annual seasonal candle - design & fragrance may vary each year. (current candle shown)

These beautiful candles are handmade to order, made from pure soy wax, colour and fragrance associated with the Spring Equinox, Ostara - this year the scent I've chosen is a wonderful young and contemporary blend of fresh citrus top tops including Mandarin and Lemon with Linden Blossom and balanced with delicate floral mid notes. Perfect for Spring!

Coloured in pale sea blue-green, pink and yellow (first batch a bit brighter than I'd hoped as pictured), with a sprinkling of our Ostara Sabbat blend on the top.

Each candle is wrapped with a beautiful white ribbon, pink bow with an adorable bunny charm (of course!)

These candles are designed to be a centrepiece or ritual candle for your Ostara / Spring Equinox altar, we suggest removing the decoration before lighting if you do decide to burn them. They can also be used for Fertility spells if desired

  • Soy Wax
  • Scented
  • avg. 330g
  • boxed

Altar and Sabbat candles are not charmed by me unless requested, as I feel they are a personal thing and those using them for magickal purposes should charm these themselves if able to. If you would like me to charm or bless your candle, please leave me a note during checkout and I will be happy to do this for you.


Ostara, Estra, Easter, Fertility Festival, Ladys Eve, Spring Equinox, Sabbat, Ritual Candle