Shiva Lingam - 1inch

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Shiva Lingam represents the Hindu God, Shiva and his union with Kali, it raises and controls Kundalini energy by activating the sacral and base chakras.

The perfect stone for those seeking spiritual evolution through tantra or sex magic (with a consenting adult partner of course!) A symbol of sexuality and male energy Shiva Lingam has been a sacred stone for thousands of years.

Shiva Lingam is particularly helpful for those who have suffered from previous abuse, particularly sexual in nature and helps victims of such abuse learn to trust male energy once again. 

Shiva Lingam can be programmed to sever ties and connections from previous sexual partners, something which has recently become of deep interest to many women wishing to take back their personal power and femininity. 

In healing, Shiva Lingam is wonderful for those overcoming sexual mortification and abuse, it also treats impotence, infertility, inorgasmia and can help ease menstrual cramps and strengthen the reproductive and sexual organs for both men and women.