Smokey Quartz - Standing Cluster

Lylliths' Emporium


This absolutely stunning cluster weighs an impressive 5.32kg and stands 23cm tall excluding its' wooden base.

Pick up is preferred on this piece due to it's size and delicate structure, so postage is at your own risk though we will of course do all we can to wrap it for best possible protection!

Smokey Quartz is a beautiful quartz crystal which naturally irradiated, take care when looking for these as the deep dark coloured ones may have been artificially irradiated rather than having this occur naturally.

Smokey Quartz is one of the most efficient grounding stones of all and at the same time, it raises vibrations during meditation. Protective and linked to the base and earth chakras Smokey Quartz promotes awareness and concern for the Environment.

A beautiful crystal which lifts depression and fear bringing emotional calmness and is useful for those with suicidal tendencies.

In healing, Smokey Quartz is often used to treat issues in the abdomen, hips, legs, headaches, muscle and tissue damage, cramps, heart and reproductive system. Cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy will also find it soothing and beneficial. 

Smokey Quartz also alleviates nightmares and helps you to manifest your dreams, often placed beside the bed or under the pillow for this purpose.