Travel Altar Set

Lylliths' Emporium


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*One off, handmade set - we will try to make some more once this has sold*

This adorable, functional and handy little travel Altar set comes with some basic items to do some magick while away from home.

Wooden box has a pentacle hand-burned into the top, perfect for using as an altar surface, inside has been lined with purple felt with elastic sewn into the lid piece to hold 4 small glass jars filled with herbs, resins, salts and some of our Universal incense blend.

This set also includes some parchment paper, a charcoal disc and holder, elemental tea light candles, a feather and a stick of Palo Santo as well as a cute little drawstring bag of crystal chips.

Everything can be refilled when used and there is still room to include a few other small items.