Voodoo Dolls ~ ooak plush

Lylliths' Emporium


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These little guys are soft and cuddly, not designed to be used in ritual practice but rather as a "toy". 

Made from calico, cotton or linen fabric and sewn together stuffed by hand then hand stitched and painted. 

Each doll is unique and may not be one of those shown in the photographs. Chosen at random, though you are welcome to request a colour and if available I will send you your preference (not guaranteed depending on availability).

Not all dolls will have beaded pins, some may have clothing attached as well (I previously made a Scottish Voodoo who wore a kilt and a ballerina in her tutu)

Just for fun, something different that I enjoy creating and people like to collect! 

If you are looking for a working doll/poppet please check out this page

(ages 8+ due to handstitching - remove any pins/beads if present before giving to a child and use common sense.)