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The Five Element essential oil blends in this kit are based on the principles of the Five Elements used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

This kit contains five (5) 5mL Five Element blends.

Wood 木 Element

  • Wood represents expansion and achievement. Like a spreading forest, a healthy Wood element is in a constant state of growth.
  • Balanced Wood: You have clarity of mind and an increased ability to achieve your goals. You are motivated and focused.
  • Imbalanced Wood: You lose perspective, feel confused and your mental focus turns into obsession leading to impulsiveness, aggressiveness and anger.
  • Wood Blend Promotes inspiration, growth and motivation with rosemary, geranium, palmarosa, basil, lavender and grapefruit pure essential oils.

Fire 火 Element

  • Fire represents expression of joy and passion. Fire is quick and strong, and intuitively knows where to go.
  • Balanced Fire: You have high spirits, are intuitive, and your enthusiasm for life guides you to the right place at the right time. You feel joy and your sense of purpose is strong.
  • Imbalanced Fire: You lose faith in yourself, lack enthusiasm and direction in life, become emotionless and feel unable to connect with others.
  • Fire Blend Promotes joy, opens the heart and kindles enthusiasm with bergamot, ylang ylang, Atlas cedarwood, sweet orange and sandalwood pure essential oils.

Earth 土 Element

  • Earth represents stability in the face of transformation. Earth is grounded deeply like the roots of a tree.
  • Balanced Earth: You feel confident, comfortable and are solidly anchored by pragmatic reality. Your intention is clear and you find ways to solve your problems.
  • Imbalanced Earth: You feel uprooted and ungrounded, doubt yourself and have obsessive thoughts. You struggle to take action with new ideas.
  • Earth Blend Promotes empathy, understanding and a sense of being grounded with fir, lemon, Atlas cedarwood, lemon scented eucalyptus, may chang, tea tree, spike lavender and lemon myrtle pure essential oils.

Air (Metal) 金 Element

  • Air/Metal represents acceptance and emotional sensitivity. Air/Metal iis connected to the breath; it purifies and refreshes.
  • Balanced Air/Metal: You are sensitive, honest, courageous, firm, proud, uplifted, forgiving, faithful and loyal.
  • Imbalanced Air/Metal: You are sad, depressed, reactive and confused. You feel anxious and unable to move forward.
  • Air Blend Promotes resilience and self-esteem with sandalwood, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, bergamot and patchouli pure essential oils.

Water 水 Element

  • Water represents tranquility and harmony. Water finds a way around obstructions.
  • Balanced Water: You feel a sense of power and equilibrium, increased trust and courage in the unknown.
  • Imbalanced Water: You are impulsive, scattered and fearful. Your 'fight or flight' response is activated.
  • Water Blend Promotes courage in the face of the unknown and helps you to remain calm with Roman chamomile, clary sage, lavender, petitgrain, lime and Atlas cedarwood.

TO USE: Add 5-7 drops of the Five Elements blends to your oil burner, or add 5 drops to every 10ml of pure vegetable oil to use as a massage oil.

Please check with a licensed medical practitioner or registered naturopath before self-treating with natural remedies.

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