My Moldavite Journey

My Moldavite Journey

Welcome to my little "journal-style" article on my personal journey with Moldavite! As I am going through this journey as I keep record of it here, I will update this as I go - it may not be daily but I'll do my best to keep it regular ;) 

Moldavite has always intrigued me and I purchased my first piece way back in or around 2021 I believe it was. This piece had remained covered in a little box for all these years as, to be perfectly honest, it made me feel physically sick.  While I no longer have that particular piece, I have found myself drawn to another piece which also remained covered in a box for the past several weeks until "the time was right".

Ever since I first discovered this stone, all those years ago, it has been one of those things that both excited and scared the shit out of me - I knew I wasn't ready for it but I still had to try every few months or so but it was always clear it wasn't time as it made me feel so dizzy and sick and just not right. 

A couple of months ago I found myself drawn to Moldavite once again, this time the pull was much more intense and I knew the time was coming. 

I decided to work through some of my major shadow work first before trying to connect with my Moldavite and I am soooo glad I did this. If you are considering working with a piece of your own, I HIGHLY recommend delving into some of the more obvious shadow work you may have FIRST before even holding or even obtaining a piece of this intense "crystal".

And now.... the journey begins.... stay tuned ;)

DAY ONE: Heads up, this is going to sound super crazy!
Given my previous experiences with Moldavite, I had planned to begin this journey on a Saturday night just incase I had another really off day following and wouldn't need to be at the shop. 

As mentioned earlier, I have been doing some shadow work over the past few weeks in preparation but also because I knew it was much needed. I am truly glad I laid these foundations so to speak and hopefully the Moldavite will be kinder for me doing so. 

Tonight I decided to jump all in, I held my Moldavite to my third eye - yep, I know haha Anyways, I was shown a series of events which felt like memories but don't make any/much sense. These visions included events like looking over a rock wall at soldiers and choosing one, a lion with wings flying among winged horses in a starry sky, a battle scene with what I can only describe as grasshopper aliens (I know, so freaking out there right!?!?), a pile of Labradorite crystals in the corner of a pure white room with their flashes all horizontal moving upwards and finally a Volcano which specifically spurted blood. 

Quite a bit to take in and difficult to make much sense out of, so I have popped those visions to the side for now to see what happens next. 

I also "heard" the Moldavite telling me to wear it over night and try to wear it for the next 3 days at least - obviously I was hesitant but made sure I had several grounding stones with me and wore it to bed. 


Well.... where to begin today! 

First off, I don't feel sick or dizzy after wearing this green blob which is an awesome sign! I do need to remember to stay grounded though as I've caught myself (and Dean has too) "floating off"

I've had past experiences with accidently blowing light bulbs when my energy or emotions aren't kept in check - as I know many others often experience. But today was a bit next level... 

I was playing some Assassins Creed on Xbox to chill on my day off, yep, we are gamers over here ;) Anyways, my character was fighting in a gladiator arena and I failed the match a couple of times, next minute not only did I get booted from the game back to the Xbox home screen - my game UNINSTALLED itself which is NOT normal! (It's one I even had the disc in the console for) 

So, that was the first odd thing today. 

The next super odd thing to happen was one I can't even believe I'm admitting publicly as it is really out there, but I did say when I decided to write about this journey I'd be completely transparent and honest unless details were very personal so here goes... 

On night two we had nasty visitors, while we are used to attracting nasty entities through what we do on a spiritual and demonic level, these particular visitors were, let's say - out of this world. Yep, those grasshopper things are real and they are really nasty. I suppose the actual grasshoppers (normal sized garden variety) that have been popping up a lot lately were a sign afterall. 

Luckily we now have a galactic energy worker who knows about these things who was able to help us out and get rid of them - but should you ever have a visit from these guys - be sure to get rid of them and protect yourself and home like no tomorrow (you'll know, they aren't shy and will make you feel physically sick)

Ok, I think that's enough weirdness for today! (but... I'm still wearing Moldavite, so wish me luck)


Today was about my self doubt, this is one of the main reasons I wanted to work with Moldavite and I'm glad it's not all aliens and weird electronic issues! 

My self doubt is, as with a lot of people, one of THE hardest things to work through and is a consistent over the years and I'm sure will likely continue to be an issue to work through for many more to come. 

Today I had a couple of readings booked in and I had one of those self doubt moments just before my first client. 

I worked through it and pushed it aside, trusting the messages for my client and grounding myself regularly throughout the session, she seemed happy when we finished up but more self doubt kicked in and I reduced my fee. 

My second client was completely different with a whole different set of questions, I refused to allow my self doubt win this time and the session was really fluent. 

Todays lesson was definitely about trusting, going with the flow and knowing I am worthy. A hard one with a few other slaps in the face but a very much needed lesson. 


And we are back to the crazy! It's only 11.25am as I write this and already the toilet has flooded the bathroom, my phone did weird stuff and I'm seeing more flashes of events and symbols. Luckily I've stayed home for a couple of hours to catch up on some office work but we shall see what the rest of today holds! 

I did take the moldavite off for a little bit this morning after the flooding just to be able to "function" wisely lol I am about to get ready for work and will be putting it back on. Here we go!

Quick update - I did a little research on moldavite and negative entities because this grasshopper thing is really bizarre, turns out this sort of experience has happened for a number of people connecting with moldavite! Not always the same entities but there are several reports of people having negative entities come to them early on in this journey, so I am feeling a bit more "normal" about that now.

As today is my birthday, I did put out there to have a semi-normal remainder of the day, which luckily I was granted lol 

Not much else to report for today/tonight aside from a few more visions and symbols which I'm not 100% sure are related to wearing Moldavite directly, as my psychic gifts are heightening, so I suppose technically still connected as this is one of the areas Moldavite is said to increase/open and assist with. 

Oh and I am finding it much easier to remain grounded tonight! I have even put a few of my grounding stones aside :)

DAY FIVE: Fuckballs. I think the "tower card" portion of the Moldavite Journey is beginning... So much weirdness going on - thankfully not as bizarre as aliens but with people who are close to me, my own random visions and just little things. 

Received a phone call today I was not expecting, we are renting one of a few investment properties belonging to our landlord who previously had no intention of selling - well, that has changed. I freaking love this house and I'm devastated to say the least. I know I need to trust this has a bigger purpose as I do genuinely feel it's part of the "releasing process". Still a very shitty bit of news. 

At this point, I'm not even sure what day I'm actually up to or if I have skipped one, doubled up somewhere or what - I type as I think, as I do in email readings so things may get a little messed up or blurred lol 

DAY SIX?: Not too much going on that I can write about as it's a tad personal to my spiritual and life journey - but I will just say, it's definitely all in this ridiculous rabbit hole! 

(Thursday 22/04/2020): Well, last night was a bit interesting. Bit of an odd experience that I can't explain involving someone close to me. This after a day of other weird shit involving another person close to me. I've well and truly lost my floaties and trying to figure out how to swim in a tsunami with pirate ships attacking from all sides.... yep. If you aren't ready do NOT try connecting to Moldavite, especially not while also working on other parts of your spiritual journey that are on their own intense - unless of course you are like me and jump in head first with the thought of "two birds one stone" - yeah no, it's not that simple :/ YET however, despite all of this, I know I'm on track and definitely making progress in several areas so I will say I do feel this is worth it and empowering to the soul.

Sidenote - still only needing the minimal grounding stones for the most part, but certainly keeping more on hand ;) 

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  • Debbee - April 21, 2021

    Wowsers, I’m just sitting here reading your Moldavite journal and my piece of Moldavite which was meant to turn up between Wednesday snd Friday just got delivered to my door! I have goosebumps!

  • Lyllith - April 20, 2021

    Thanks Linda! It’s been so crazy so far, hoping to work more on the self doubt and other aspects I need help shifting I think I’ve had enough of the more odd side effects haha though I know some of these also fit in with things I have always feared or struggled with too.

  • Linda - April 20, 2021

    I love this .. I’m enjoying your journey . Obviously Moldavite is really aligning with you .
    What a ride you’re on

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