House Clearings

Spiritual Clearings ~ Scenic Rim & Logan areas, Qld. (If you are outside our areas feel free to contact us anyway as we can possibly still arrange to come out to you, or depending on your situation offer a distant clearing. 


We are available to come to your home or office and perform a Spiritual Clearing for you.  Many clients will only need a relatively quick smoke cleansing and or a few basic steps which can often be done themselves, however it's always a good idea to have these issues checked out.

Do you have a sickly feeling in a certain part of your home or office? Do things frequently move around the home with no logical explanation? Have you or someone in the family seen spirits or energies in the home that don't feel friendly? Has your health suddenly declined with no apparent reason? Do your pets growl, hiss or bark at "nothing" constantly? 

If so, you most likely need someone with experience to come out and move any spirits on, remove any negative entities or at least work out who or what is causing the issues and how best to deal with them.

We have several years of experience in Spiritual Clearings, our most frequent and common experiences include the following:

  • Portal Closures, or helping them to be moved to another dimension.
  • Helping human Spirits move on to their next phase.
  • Removing obnoxious/negative Energies and Entities from homes
  • Detaching dark/evil Energies and Entities from people and pets.
  • Setting up protection and Energy barriers around the home.
  • Curse/Hex Removal (please see our Spell Casting Services page)

Other aspects of this service may include working with or helping Elementals, helping clients understand past issues from this life or a past life which may be causing issues in the present, Discovering and Investigating Paranormal Activities and more.

We usually recommend having a chat with us so you can tell us what's been going on, if anything has been seen, felt or heard etc. - you may just need to do a few things yourself to be rid of the negative energies or we may be able to assist you from a distance (via Astral Journeying).

We do charge a one-off Initial Investigation fee of $50 (depending on location)

Please also note, that if a family member has an attachment we will often require their permission to help them, unfortunately this is not always easy to achieve and we can offer suggestions on persuading them but can not force them to agree to help. 

Likewise, if a family member or friend is experiencing issues but they are underage (16 and under) we will require their parents permission to step in and help.

As a general guide:

  • Basic Energetic Cleansing $50 (usually included in the initial investigation if done at the same time)
  • Portal Closure $80 - $100
  • Spiritual House Clearing (one energy) $100 - $150
  • Spiritual House Clearing (multiple energies) $180 - $250
  • Entity Detachments (depending on severity, and risk involved) $180 - $400

Please note, that some issues may be easier than initially thought, in which case we will reduce our fees. Our Rates are set as a guide only and cover fuel, time, tolls, Our Energy, consumables (incense, herbs, candles etc.) and vary depending on the level of risk involved to ourselves as well as our clients. 

If you feel our services may help you, please contact us with a brief outline of what has been going on, where you are located and any information you feel is relevant to the situation. We will be in touch with you to discuss your concerns and see what may be required for your situation. 

Remember, we have seen, heard, felt and dealt with many obscure events and nothing will shock us or freak us out, we do not judge our clients so please don't feel afraid to contact us and let us know what is happening.

Lyllith & Adam

Image Credit: French illusionist Henri Robin in an 1863 promotional image by photographer Eugène Thiébault.