The Elements

The Elements

Some general information about the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water - there are other elements of course including Spirit/Ether, however this is a general beginner-type blog post for those new to the Craft and working with the elements :)

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The element of Earth represents grounding and keeping our feet on the ground. It is the element closest to the physical world as it is linked to our own physical planet. Earth governs responsibility, money, security, loyalty, business, stability and growth. Earth is considered by many to be the foundation for each of the other elements as without it they would not exist.

Earth is represented in the North (or South for those in the Southern Hemisphere), it rules the season of Winter and is represented by forests, gardens, caves, valleys and fields.

Within magick, Earth is represented by the Pentacle, earth (dirt) or salt. It is generally associated with Thursdays and the Winter Solstice. The element of Earth is called upon for spells and rituals involving money and finances, growth, gardening, business, horticulture, male fertility, career and work, happiness and family stability.


The element of Air represents our intellect, thought, mentality and memory. Air is the most ethereal of the four main elements as it helps create balance between them.

Air is represented by the East and the season of Spring (like all elements, those practicing in the Southern hemisphere may be drawn to reverse the direction and/or season). Air is associated with change, travel, thoughts and ideas, creativity and study.

In magick, Air is represented by the wand, feathers, censer and incense (some paths also include Athame or Sword). It is associated with the time of Dawn and any spells or rituals involving study, memory, practical and creative endeavors along with psychic work and manifestations. Air is also connected to communication.


The Element of Fire is associated with the Sun and rules passion, desire, imagination and creativity. Fire not only cleanses and purifies, but it also causes destruction and is often seen to represent death and rebirth. In Wiccan traditions, Fire rules the South, however many in the Southern Hemisphere reverse this when casting a circle to be called in the North quarter - toward the equator where the Earth is at its’ hottest.

Fire is the only element which can not naturally exist without another, it needs to consume another element in order to physically exist. This does not make it “scary” or dark, it simply means it needs a spark to ignite it’s fiery passion. We too need that spark or an idea or feeling in order to use our own fire within to create and give birth to our ideas and aspirations.

In witchcraft, fire is commonly used in spells to increase energy, passion, love and lust, courage, new beginnings, strength and protection, power, purification, transformation and destruction or releasing (generally by writing on parchment what you wish to release before burning it to ash). It is also used in kitchen magick, infusing ingredient as cooked.

Athames, swords and candles are placed on altars to represent the element of fire and it relates to Summer, Sundays, the waxing moon and 12 noon.


The Element of water is associated with Venus and the Moon and rules our emotions, both conscious and subconscious, along with our dreams. Water as an element heals, cleanses and purifies, revitalizes and offers emotional release.

In Tarot, Water is represented by the suit of Cups – an easy way to remember this is that water is often drunk from a cup, to connect with emotions think of tears.

Typically, Water is represented in the West and by the season of Autumn – however in the Southern Hemisphere, some prefer to align Water to the East and with the Season of Spring. There is no real right or wrong way, just remember that your magick is as unique as you are and trust your intuition.

Within Magick, Water is represented by the Chalice, Cauldron and often mirrors. It is ruled by Mondays, the Twilight hour and the Moon Cycles. Water is often used in spells of love, forgiveness, clarity, healing and compassion as well as seeking visions or in meditation.




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