Botanical Oils

Botanical Oils
botanical hoodoo oils

There are sooooo many different Botanical, Ritual & Anointing Oils that can be made and used in your practice no matter what your path. 

As such, we have added some of the more popular/most requested custom-made oils to the online store to make them easier for you to purchase. (Custom-made oils are also still available on request, don't worry!)

There's a list of these along with their intended purpose at the bottom of this article :)

We often get asked how to use Botanical Oils and thought the best/easiest way to answer would be to write a little article about them to direct people here to learn more.

What are Botanical Oils? 

botanical infused ritual oil

Botanical Oils are oils blended for specific intent and purpose, they contain botanicals (flowers, herbs, resins, bark etc.) that infuses into the base oil - most also contain essential oils as well. While used in many different traditions and paths, our botanical oils are predominantly hoodoo based. Our oils are all charged for purpose, though if practicing Vodou you will need to recite the appropriate Psalms over them yourself.

How to Use Botanical Oils?

There are a few ways to use these oils, depending on the oil itself, the intention and the type of work you are doing etc.

Botanical Oils as a whole are not designed to wear on your skin (some are ok), so this isn't recommended.  

  • Anointing - mojo bags, candles, your wallet/documents, talismans, poppets etc.
  • Drawing Sigils
  • Dressing Candles

When anointing items, please keep in mind that oils can/do stain as well as cause ink to run or vanish from paper. You don't need to empty an entire bottle onto your items to anoint them, a drop or two is generally fine or you could put a drop on your fingers and rub them together before touching the item to gently apply a little oil. (Just remember to wash your hands afterwards as some oils contain ingredients that are considered toxic)

When using oils to draw sigils, if you are unsure if the oil is skin-safe, use a soft paintbrush to draw your sigils. We also have sigil powder available that some people like to make a paste/paint from with oils and/or waters.

As for candles, we have more information on dressing a candle here. Essentially you apply an oil then sprinkle or blow ground herbs onto the candle to prepare it for your workings.

~ Lyllith

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Specific Intention for our Made-To-Order Botanical Oils:

  • Abramelin/Oil of Abramelin - "Holy anointing oil" positive magic & anointing your Altar, statues and candles. Used to consecrate items & tools.
  • Attraction Oils (Male to Female & Female to Male) - love & lust workings to attract the opposite sex.
  • Break Up Oil - to break up a couple, leave a toxic situation/relationship
  • Crown of Success - success, wishes and good luck
  • Cut & Clear Oil - cord cutting, ending toxic situations, clear break.
  • Desire Oil (Same sex / Non-binary) - love and lust for same-sex and non binary couples.
  • Domination Oil - to control, command and take charge of a situation.
  • Erzulie Freda Perfume Oil - love, passion, beauty, sensuality, pleasure & prosperity, to honour Freda
  • Job Oil - obtain a job, change in career
  • King Solomon Oil - mental clarity, wisdom and knowledge (particularly of the occult)
  • Law Stay Away oil - used when avoiding the law/law enforcement or before attending a court hearing to win favour of the judge.
  • Ogun Oil - clear blockages on a spiritual level, to honour Orisha Ogun
  • Peace Oil - promote peace and harmony in the home, relationships and to calm a situation or issue.
  • Power Oil - gain power over a situation and an edge over your enemies
  • Three Kings Oil - manifesting, abundance and luck, Christian oil.
  • Thrifty Oil - encourage tight-asses to loosen up and split the cost
  • Yemaya Oil - "mother of all" Orisha, emotional healing, fertility spells.


If you are looking for a specific oil that is not currently available in our store, please get in touch to discuss your needs :)



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