Workshops & Classes

Lyllith Dragonheart offers workshops on Tarot, Tea Leaf Reading, Numerology, Astrology & Spell Weaving. 

The following workshops and courses have been confirmed, with many more planned throughout the year.



No more workshops are currently planned for this year






Psychic Workshop

Psychic Workshop - Devon Pixies

Learn a little about Numerology, Palmistry & Tea Leaf Reading with this hands on workshop while enjoying a traditional high tea.

  • Venue: Devon Pixies, Logan Village Qld
  • Date: Past Event


  • Toni Martin - Numerology 
  • Moira Rose - Palmistry 
  • Lyllith DragonHeart - Tea Leaf Reading 

Introduction to Tarot - A Beginners Course in Tarot

Introduction to Tarot Workshop

Students will learn the history of Tarot, basic grounding and psychic protection techniques, Tarot ethics, the traditional meanings of the Major & Minor Arcanas, How to use your Intuition in daily life as well as when reading, Tarot spreads, practice readings.