Workshops & Classes

We will be offering more workshops on Tarot, Tea Leaf Reading, Numerology, Astrology & Spell Weaving, as well as Drum Making, Shamanic Journey & Vodou workshops. 

The following workshops and courses have been confirmed, with many more planned throughout the year.

Kids workshops can be found here :)



The Fools Journey - Advanced Tarot Workshop ~ with Natasha

Saturday 22nd June, 11am (approx. 2hrs) - $120 per person

Embark on an enlightening journey through The Fool's journey in life at the Advanced Tarot workshop.
  • Dive deep into life's lessons, relationships, the art of living, embracing change, working through difficulties and finding renewal.
  • Explore how to align spiritually, level up, and apply the profound insights from The Major Arcana to your life and your tarot readings and gain a richer understanding of the soul's experience. 
  • Includes information on astrology in tarot, how to apply it and life lessons.
  • Based around the Rider Waite Tarot, (deck not included)
*Please note this workshop is not learning how to read the tarot cards. It an in depth information session where you learn to apply life lessons in Tarot. for those who already read or are fairly familiar with Tarot.

Workbook, Tea & Coffee provided.

Spaces are strictly limited - Bookings Essential


Runes Workshop - with Adam (Elder Futhark)

Click Here to find the next date for this regular workshop

Learn about the Runes and how to incorporate them into your spiritual path as well as how to use them as a Divination Tool. 

What you will learn:

  • History of the Runes - both mundane and magical
  • Bonding with & Consecration of your Runes
  • General Meanings of each Rune
  • Basic Spreads & How to Cast Runes for Divination
  • How to Interpret Runes for a Reading
  • Practice Readings among the Group 

What else is included?

  • Workbook written by The Rune Guy
  • Tea & Coffee provided
  • Q&A throughout the workshop
  • Special Discount offer for 1-on-1 tutoring sessions booked on the day

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - Visit this link to book your spot...


Beginners Tarot (A Crash Course) - with Lyllith


  • Based on Lylliths' Tarot Deck
  • Crash Course in Tarot - written for beginners
  • Tarot Deck and Workbook included
  • Tea, Coffee, Water and snacks provided

Please contact us to register your interest :)


Astrology 101 - Beginners Workshop ~ with Natasha


This workshop has been designed for beginners, those who are interested in Astrology but don't know much about it.

Students will Learn:

  • brief history of Astrology
  • What Astrology actually is
  • Associations of Plants and the Zodiac.

Please contact us to register your interest :)

Contact us to register your interest :)