The Elements

The Elements

Some general information about the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water - there are other elements of course including Spirit/Ether, however this is a general beginner-type blog post for those new to the Craft and working with the elements :)

(Scroll Down to the end for a downloadable print-friendly version of each page - including correspondences for each of the elements)


The element of Earth represents grounding and keeping our feet on the ground. It is the element closest to the physical world as it is linked to our own physical planet. Earth governs responsibility, money, security, loyalty, business, stability and growth. Earth is considered by many to be the foundation for each of the other elements as without it they would not exist.

Earth is represented in the North (or South for those in the Southern Hemisphere), it rules the season of Winter and is represented by forests, gardens, caves, valleys and fields.

Within magick, Earth is represented by the Pentacle, earth (dirt) or salt. It is generally associated with Thursdays and the Winter Solstice. The element of Earth is called upon for spells and rituals involving money and finances, growth, gardening, business, horticulture, male fertility, career and work, happiness and family stability.


The element of Air represents our intellect, thought, mentality and memory. Air is the most ethereal of the four main elements as it helps create balance between them.

Air is represented by the East and the season of Spring (like all elements, those practicing in the Southern hemisphere may be drawn to reverse the direction and/or season). Air is associated with change, travel, thoughts and ideas, creativity and study.

In magick, Air is represented by the wand, feathers, censer and incense (some paths also include Athame or Sword). It is associated with the time of Dawn and any spells or rituals involving study, memory, practical and creative endeavors along with psychic work and manifestations. Air is also connected to communication.


The Element of Fire is associated with the Sun and rules passion, desire, imagination and creativity. Fire not only cleanses and purifies, but it also causes destruction and is often seen to represent death and rebirth. In Wiccan traditions, Fire rules the South, however many in the Southern Hemisphere reverse this when casting a circle to be called in the North quarter - toward the equator where the Earth is at its’ hottest.

Fire is the only element which can not naturally exist without another, it needs to consume another element in order to physically exist. This does not make it “scary” or dark, it simply means it needs a spark to ignite it’s fiery passion. We too need that spark or an idea or feeling in order to use our own fire within to create and give birth to our ideas and aspirations.

In witchcraft, fire is commonly used in spells to increase energy, passion, love and lust, courage, new beginnings, strength and protection, power, purification, transformation and destruction or releasing (generally by writing on parchment what you wish to release before burning it to ash). It is also used in kitchen magick, infusing ingredient as cooked.

Athames, swords and candles are placed on altars to represent the element of fire and it relates to Summer, Sundays, the waxing moon and 12 noon.


The Element of water is associated with Venus and the Moon and rules our emotions, both conscious and subconscious, along with our dreams. Water as an element heals, cleanses and purifies, revitalizes and offers emotional release.

In Tarot, Water is represented by the suit of Cups – an easy way to remember this is that water is often drunk from a cup, to connect with emotions think of tears.

Typically, Water is represented in the West and by the season of Autumn – however in the Southern Hemisphere, some prefer to align Water to the East and with the Season of Spring. There is no real right or wrong way, just remember that your magick is as unique as you are and trust your intuition.

Within Magick, Water is represented by the Chalice, Cauldron and often mirrors. It is ruled by Mondays, the Twilight hour and the Moon Cycles. Water is often used in spells of love, forgiveness, clarity, healing and compassion as well as seeking visions or in meditation.




Click on the sample images above to download the PDF files to save and/or print - pages include correspondences for each of the elements as well.

*We also have some exclusive printable Grimoire Pages for our Coven Members over on Patreon ;)

Botanical Oils

Botanical Oils
botanical hoodoo oils

There are sooooo many different Botanical, Ritual & Anointing Oils that can be made and used in your practice no matter what your path. 

As such, we have added some of the more popular/most requested custom-made oils to the online store to make them easier for you to purchase. (Custom-made oils are also still available on request, don't worry!)

There's a list of these along with their intended purpose at the bottom of this article :)

We often get asked how to use Botanical Oils and thought the best/easiest way to answer would be to write a little article about them to direct people here to learn more.

What are Botanical Oils? 

botanical infused ritual oil

Botanical Oils are oils blended for specific intent and purpose, they contain botanicals (flowers, herbs, resins, bark etc.) that infuses into the base oil - most also contain essential oils as well. While used in many different traditions and paths, our botanical oils are predominantly hoodoo based. Our oils are all charged for purpose, though if practicing Vodou you will need to recite the appropriate Psalms over them yourself.

How to Use Botanical Oils?

There are a few ways to use these oils, depending on the oil itself, the intention and the type of work you are doing etc.

Botanical Oils as a whole are not designed to wear on your skin (some are ok), so this isn't recommended.  

  • Anointing - mojo bags, candles, your wallet/documents, talismans, poppets etc.
  • Drawing Sigils
  • Dressing Candles

When anointing items, please keep in mind that oils can/do stain as well as cause ink to run or vanish from paper. You don't need to empty an entire bottle onto your items to anoint them, a drop or two is generally fine or you could put a drop on your fingers and rub them together before touching the item to gently apply a little oil. (Just remember to wash your hands afterwards as some oils contain ingredients that are considered toxic)

When using oils to draw sigils, if you are unsure if the oil is skin-safe, use a soft paintbrush to draw your sigils. We also have sigil powder available that some people like to make a paste/paint from with oils and/or waters.

As for candles, we have more information on dressing a candle here. Essentially you apply an oil then sprinkle or blow ground herbs onto the candle to prepare it for your workings.

~ Lyllith

......... ......... .........

Specific Intention for our Made-To-Order Botanical Oils:

  • Abramelin/Oil of Abramelin - "Holy anointing oil" positive magic & anointing your Altar, statues and candles. Used to consecrate items & tools.
  • Attraction Oils (Male to Female & Female to Male) - love & lust workings to attract the opposite sex.
  • Break Up Oil - to break up a couple, leave a toxic situation/relationship
  • Crown of Success - success, wishes and good luck
  • Cut & Clear Oil - cord cutting, ending toxic situations, clear break.
  • Desire Oil (Same sex / Non-binary) - love and lust for same-sex and non binary couples.
  • Domination Oil - to control, command and take charge of a situation.
  • Erzulie Freda Perfume Oil - love, passion, beauty, sensuality, pleasure & prosperity, to honour Freda
  • Job Oil - obtain a job, change in career
  • King Solomon Oil - mental clarity, wisdom and knowledge (particularly of the occult)
  • Law Stay Away oil - used when avoiding the law/law enforcement or before attending a court hearing to win favour of the judge.
  • Ogun Oil - clear blockages on a spiritual level, to honour Orisha Ogun
  • Peace Oil - promote peace and harmony in the home, relationships and to calm a situation or issue.
  • Power Oil - gain power over a situation and an edge over your enemies
  • Three Kings Oil - manifesting, abundance and luck, Christian oil.
  • Thrifty Oil - encourage tight-asses to loosen up and split the cost
  • Yemaya Oil - "mother of all" Orisha, emotional healing, fertility spells.


If you are looking for a specific oil that is not currently available in our store, please get in touch to discuss your needs :)



Current Retrogrades ~ by Natasha

Current Retrogrades ~ by Natasha

There are A LOT of planets in retrograde at the moment. Retrogrades are not all doom, gloom, death and destruction as they are stereotyped to be. People tend to dread retrogrades, Mercury in particular, however retrogrades are a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Firstly what is a retrograde? The position of the planets, in the Zodiac, are based on where we see them in sky from our point of view, here on Earth. A retrograde is when a planet appears to be going backwards in the sky. All planetary orbits are elliptical, we see them go one direction when they are following the co-vertex and when they make a turn at the vertex (the furthest end of their orbit) and transition back, the planet looks like it’s going backwards in the sky.

Planetary Retrograde

Ok enough nerdy geometry science shit, what does this mean for us? Every retrograde brings us 3 gifts or challenges to work through. At first gift is as it starts its transition when the planet is at its vertex. This is the time to assess yourself and figure out what the challenge will be for you during a particular retrograde. As the planet goes to the vertex of its orbit, it will sit there for a couple of days. This is when the effects of the retrograding planet are the strongest. This is the perfect time to gain more insight into yourself and issues. As the planet transitions back to take regular orbit, the gift of issues being resolved and insight is gained.

So let’s explore the gifts that the current retrograding planets are giving us this time around. How these planets and retrogrades impact you, depend highly on where that particular planet falls in your birth chart, the angles and aspects to it etc. For example, I have a very weak Mercury in Pisces, Mercury retrogrades don’t impact me. My Mars in Aries really hits me when Mars retrogrades. I don’t like who I am when Mars retrogrades. To find out where your planets fall in your specific birth chart, please contact either myself or Lyllith and we can interpret your chart for you.

Uranus R in Taurus 1st House

Uranus planet - retrograde Taurus

A retrograding Uranus brings in cataclysmic changes to the conscious self, different points of view and a general feeling of revolution. Uranus in Taurus is an interesting placement as Taurus is stubborn, tried and tested and Uranus is random, chaotic and likes to change things up. All of this happening in the first house means that we may be experiencing a change to our identity. We might be changing the ways we perceive ourselves and work on removing long held ideas and beliefs about oneself and how we project our selves to the world. This might also be a time where it appears there is a struggle between change and to stay with the old ways or rebellion and revolution are knocking on our door. This whole vibe could just be a mask for what’s really happening. Sit back and focus on what’s really happening, both with how you see yourself, how you show yourself to others and how others show you. Uranus has been retrograding since August 19th and will go back to normal in January 18 2022, so we have time to reflect and make real changes.

North Node R in Gemini 2nd house

Fucking Gemini. Where the North Nodes falls in your birth chart essentially tells you what needs to be done to achieve your souls’ purpose. The North Node at the moment falls in Gemini. It asks us to find ways to express ourselves clearly in a straightforward manner. This is the time to develop your inner securities and not be afraid to speak our inner truth. During the retrograde, we need to find new ways of doing this. The retrograde of the North Node last a couple of weeks so be quick on this.

Mercury R in Libra 7th house

This is the one that everyone fears, whether they need to or not while completely ignoring every other planet that retrogrades in the sky. This time Mercury retrogrades in the seventh house in Libra. This may impact how we communicate in our romantic relationships, how we think about our partners and our perspective on things. Libra is notorious for being indecisive and passive aggressive. Mercury in Libra at this time might mean making decisions in relationships might be difficult as you are able to see things from all perspectives. Be mindful on making decisions around your romantic relationships, that based on what other people’s opinions rather than your actual situation. This energy enters our lives on the 29th of September and Mercury goes direct on the 19th of October.

Pluto R in Capricorn 10th house MC

Pluto has been bringing in change, death and new life since April this year. It is currently making its way back through Capricorn, currently sitting very close to the MC. This may mean there are changes coming to your work and how you project yourself to the outside world and people who do not live with you or are intimate with you. Now is a good time to assess what needs to be “out with the old, in with the new” in your life, particularly around your career and public life. This is an ideal time to bring in changes, especially those which were inevitable. Pluto will go direct on the 7th of October.

Saturn R in Aquarius 10th House

Saturn in Aquarius is one of my favourite vibes. Saturn retrograde is a good time to restructure, rearrange, consolidate and remove things that don’t work. Saturn also rules Aquarius, bringing in an energy that is fixed, structured, controlling that loves boundaries and discipline. This vibe in Aquarius allows us to find new and innovative ways of doing things in our work and public life (going hand in hand with the energy Pluto is bringing in). Seek the unconventional ways of restructuring your career. Be mindful not to be too stuck in your ways, overly quirky or too isolated in your approach. Saturn will be doing it’s thing till the 11th of October.   

Jupiter R in Aquarius 11th house

A Jupiter retrograde is a boom or bust energy. You may experience large amounts of gain or loss. Jupiter in Aquarius in the 10th house might cause you to focus on the humanitarian aspect of work and your public life. Do you work to serve others and cause or to serve yourself?  Jupiter will go direct on the 18th of October.

Neptune R in Pisces 11th House

Neptune rules dreamy, watery Pisces. And in amongst this, flowy, watery energy things can become very blurred. Neptune retrograding can make things appear not as they are.  The 11th house rules friendships, your part in society and your social consciousness. Be mindful that interactions with friends are based in reality and not in delusion. For example, double check that what your mate texted you is actually what they meant and not what you thought they meant. Be mindful of over indulging, including the use of drugs, alcohol and food when with friends. Psychic abilities may be impacted at this time.

Chiron R in Aries 12th house

Chiron is all about healing. Chiron in Aries brings healing by focusing on our higher self and less on the Ego, in this case what you need to boost your self-esteem and sense of self-importance. This retrograde may mean there might be a slight break down in how you set up and maintain boundaries. This goes hand in hand with Saturn retrograding in Aquarius, which asks us to reassess how we set boundaries. Remember you are enough and important because you are you and you don’t need validation from others, especially if it means compromising your boundaries. Chiron will be retrograding till the 20th of December.

Retrogrades sound full on and sometimes they really are, but they are a great time to focus on the inner self, what brings you peace and what needs to be changed to allow you to live the way you want. Astrology allows us to find a deeper understanding of who we are and why we do the things we do and reflect on the deeper self that gets ignored in the daily grind. It empowers us to create a life we really want.

~ Natasha, Sea Soul Tarot

Natasha is our resident Astrologist and offers Tarot, Astrology, Psychometry and Celestial Counselling in the shop every 3rd Saturday. 

Moldavite... 4 months later

Moldavite... 4 months later

4 Months on after I put Moldavite on...

Well... so much has happened since April! I've ended another toxic friendship and an old friend has come back into our lives, I got my creative spark back and I'm well and truly connected with the Moldavite wearing it constantly and remaining grounded.

Where to begin? People...

I had someone working in the shop for a few months who I also considered a friend. I believe this was the relationship that the Moldavite had said "not yet, more true colours" about when I went to take it off for a while. 

Unfortunately this person became rather toxic quite quickly and things just escalated so fast that in the end when I let them go from the shop and my life it did not end well. 

Without giving too much personal or confidential information, this person became offensive and crossed some lines in terms of professional standards as well as making inappropriate sexual comments directed toward myself and in front of clients. This person also became quite aggressive toward the end and even changed in appearance. By the end while I was firing them from the workplace they got quite nasty and narcissistic, even months later they still try to cause issues on social media and even driving past the shop yelling out offensive remarks. I have cut ties with this person and shall not mention them again, I only chose to here as I promised to be transparent on my journey and this was a relatively big part of it.

Moving onto the positive changes, a wonderful friend has come back into our lives as well. An amazing soul like no other who is also one of the most genuine people I have ever met and so intuitive that they left my life just before everything turned upside down, returning once things had settled, with the "knowing" that the timing was off for our business relationship and friendship to blossom. I hope to "introduce" you all to this person at some stage, some of you will see them in the shop here and there. 

Another amazing positive - my "newish" relationship with Adam is as close to perfection as possible, I have never been happier or felt so supported by a partner in my life. The past life connections we share and the twin flame journey has been insane, intense and completely unexpected but one of the best parts of my entire spiritual journey to date.

****** * ****** * ******

Business and creative changes...
My creative spark is well and truly back, I have soooooooo many new ideas and creations in my head and new projects in the works which I am really excited to share with you all once they are ready! I am also extremely fortunate to be able to share this with Adam who is also creative and comes up with some pretty awesome ideas himself :) 

Business has obviously been up and down with covid, random lockdowns and all that goes with it. But overall the energy in the shop/workplace and the customers and clients who come in and order online are all the exact reason I began this business way back all those years ago. I am helping those who need help, the dynamic in staff is amazing and the customers who pop into the shop are so much fun. I'm back to packing online orders again and enjoying every single aspect of what I do again - I mean, not going to lie the bookkeeping and paying bills isn't fun hahaha but everything else is amazing!

In terms of the Moldavite itself, we are now well and truly friends. I have been wearing it constantly since April - minus the few days I took it off a few months ago and a week while Adam wore it, but I am grounded and "stable". 

I think that about wraps it all up! I hope this provides the "closure" a few of you have asked me for since my last blog entry on the Moldavite Journey. 

We are hoping to obtain a few smaller pieces of Moldavite for the shop soon as it has become so insanely expensive and harder to get, if we do I'll share on our social media accounts once we have it. 

Many Blessings to you and yours, I hope you have enjoyed following me on my journey and don't think I'm too crazy lol 

~ Lyllith Xx

Please be careful if buying Moldavite elsewhere and ensure you are buying from a reputable source as even some seemingly reputable crystal shops are actually selling fake moldavite quite possibly unknowingly. You will feel it's intensity - just trust your gut. If it seems too cheap it's likely fake, if it doesn't look or feel right it's probably fake. Intuition is not going to lead you astray so trust it ;) 


Image Credit: Alice Down The Rabbit Hole by Arcane Chroma 

My Moldavite Journey

My Moldavite Journey

Welcome to my updated, less jumbled version of my recent Moldavite Journey....

Moldavite has always intrigued me and I purchased my first piece way back in or around 2011 I believe it was. This piece had remained covered in a little box for all these years as, to be perfectly honest, it made me feel physically sick.  While I no longer have that particular piece, I have found myself drawn to another piece which also remained covered in a box for the past several weeks until "the time was right".

Ever since I first discovered this stone, all those years ago, it has been one of those things that both excited and scared the shit out of me - I knew I wasn't ready for it but I still had to try every few months or so but it was always clear it wasn't time as it made me feel so dizzy and sick and just not right. 

A couple of months ago I found myself drawn to Moldavite once again, this time the pull was much more intense and I knew the time was coming. 

I decided to work through some of my major shadow work first before trying to connect with my Moldavite and I am soooo glad I did this. If you are considering working with a piece of your own, I HIGHLY recommend delving into some of the more obvious shadow work you may have FIRST before even holding or even obtaining a piece of this intense "crystal".

And now.... the journey begins.... stay tuned ;)

DAY ONE: Heads up, this is going to sound super crazy!
Given my previous experiences with Moldavite, I had planned to begin this journey on a Saturday night just incase I had another really off day following and wouldn't need to be at the shop. 

As mentioned earlier, I have been doing some shadow work over the past few weeks in preparation but also because I knew it was much needed. I am truly glad I laid these foundations so to speak and hopefully the Moldavite will be kinder for me doing so. 

Tonight I decided to jump all in, I held my Moldavite to my third eye - yep, I know haha Anyways, I was shown a series of events which felt like memories but don't make any/much sense. These visions included events like looking over a rock wall at soldiers and choosing one, a lion with wings flying among winged horses in a starry sky, a battle scene with what I can only describe as grasshopper aliens (I know, so freaking out there right!?!?), a pile of Labradorite crystals in the corner of a pure white room with their flashes all horizontal moving upwards and finally a Volcano which specifically spurted blood. 

Quite a bit to take in and difficult to make much sense out of, so I have popped those visions to the side for now to see what happens next. 

I also "heard" the Moldavite telling me to wear it over night and try to wear it for the next 3 days at least - obviously I was hesitant but made sure I had several grounding stones with me and wore it to bed. 


Well.... where to begin today! 

First off, I don't feel sick or dizzy after wearing this green blob which is an awesome sign! I do need to remember to stay grounded though as I've caught myself "floating off"

I've had past experiences with accidently blowing light bulbs when my energy or emotions aren't kept in check - as I know many others often experience. But today was a bit next level... 

I was playing some Assassins Creed on Xbox to chill on my day off, yep, we are gamers over here ;) Anyways, my character was fighting in a gladiator arena and I failed the match a couple of times, next minute not only did I get booted from the game back to the Xbox home screen - my game UNINSTALLED itself which is NOT normal! (It's one I even had the disc in the console for) 

So, that was the first odd thing today. 

The next super odd thing to happen was one I can't even believe I'm admitting publicly as it is really out there, but I did say when I decided to write about this journey I'd be completely transparent and honest unless details were very personal so here goes... 

On night two we had nasty visitors, while we are used to attracting nasty entities through what we do on a spiritual and demonic level, these particular visitors were, let's say - out of this world. Yep, those grasshopper things are real and they are really nasty. I suppose the actual grasshoppers (normal sized garden variety) that have been popping up a lot lately were a sign afterall. 

Luckily we now have a galactic energy worker who knows about these things who was able to help us out and get rid of them - but should you ever have a visit from these guys - be sure to get rid of them and protect yourself and home like no tomorrow (you'll know, they aren't shy and will make you feel physically sick)

Ok, I think that's enough weirdness for today! (but... I'm still wearing Moldavite, so wish me luck)


Today was about my self doubt, this is one of the main reasons I wanted to work with Moldavite and I'm glad it's not all aliens and weird electronic issues! 

My self doubt is, as with a lot of people, one of THE hardest things to work through and is a consistent over the years and I'm sure will likely continue to be an issue to work through for many more to come. 

Today I had a couple of readings booked in and I had one of those self doubt moments just before my first client. 

I worked through it and pushed it aside, trusting the messages for my client and grounding myself regularly throughout the session, she seemed happy when we finished up but more self doubt kicked in and I reduced my fee. 

My second client was completely different with a whole different set of questions, I refused to allow my self doubt win this time and the session was really fluent. 

Todays lesson was definitely about trusting, going with the flow and knowing I am worthy. A hard one with a few other slaps in the face but a very much needed lesson. 


And we are back to the crazy! It's only 11.25am as I write this and already the toilet has flooded the bathroom, my phone did weird stuff and I'm seeing more flashes of events and symbols. Luckily I've stayed home for a couple of hours to catch up on some office work but we shall see what the rest of today holds! 

I did take the moldavite off for a little bit this morning after the flooding just to be able to "function" wisely lol I am about to get ready for work and will be putting it back on. Here we go!

Quick update - I did a little research on moldavite and negative entities because this grasshopper thing is really bizarre, turns out this sort of experience has happened for a number of people connecting with moldavite! Not always the same entities but there are several reports of people having negative entities come to them early on in this journey, so I am feeling a bit more "normal" about that now.

As today is my birthday, I did put out there to have a semi-normal remainder of the day, which luckily I was granted lol 

Not much else to report for today/tonight aside from a few more visions and symbols which I'm not 100% sure are related to wearing Moldavite directly, as my psychic gifts are heightening, so I suppose technically still connected as this is one of the areas Moldavite is said to increase/open and assist with. 

Oh and I am finding it much easier to remain grounded tonight! I have even put a few of my grounding stones aside :)

DAY FIVE: Fuckballs. I think the "tower card" portion of the Moldavite Journey is beginning... So much weirdness going on - thankfully not as bizarre as aliens but with people who are close to me, my own random visions and just little things. 

Received a phone call today I was not expecting, we are renting one of a few investment properties belonging to our landlord who previously had no intention of selling - well, that has changed. I freaking love this house and I'm devastated to say the least. I know I need to trust this has a bigger purpose as I do genuinely feel it's part of the "releasing process". Still a very shitty bit of news. 

At this point, I'm not even sure what day I'm actually up to or if I have skipped one, doubled up somewhere or what - I type as I think, as I do in email readings so things may get a little messed up or blurred lol 

DAY FIVE (night): Without giving too much personal detail on what's going on at the moment, I am definitely seeing peoples' true colours and motives including those of people close to me. I've been questioning a few things, decisions and people (over the past several months/past couple of years) but these feelings are increasingly prominent since wearing Moldavite... shall see how this all plays out.

DAY SIX?: Well, last night was a bit interesting. Bit of an odd experience. My "partner" (since writing this, now ex) was rather creepy on a whole new level and made me extremely uncomfortable. I feel this relationship is coming to a close rather quickly which in all honesty has probably been a long time coming but I held on to hope of change - after this experience however certain things can not be undone or forgiven and the creepy incident is just the nail in the coffin so to speak.

On the opposite end of the relationship scale, I have now realised that feelings and magnetic attraction on a soul level to a close friend of mine may possibly be something much more. It would appear that twin souls are actually a thing and I have found mine. The connection here on such an intense spiritual level is something I can't even begin to describe, from sharing pain and dreams to past life memories and shadow work that blends between us - definitely something to explore.

I've well and truly lost my floaties and trying to figure out how to swim in a tsunami with pirate ships attacking from all sides.... yep. If you aren't ready do NOT try connecting to Moldavite, especially not while also working on other parts of your spiritual journey that are on their own intense - unless of course you are like me and jump in head first with the thought of "two birds one stone" - yeah no, it's not that simple :/ YET however, despite all of this, I know I'm on track and definitely making progress in several areas so I will say I do feel this is worth it and empowering to the soul.

Sidenote - still only needing the minimal grounding stones for the most part, but certainly keeping more on hand ;) 

DEFINITELY NO IDEA ON WHAT DAY I'M UP TO: Well, I broke up with my now ex and that whole situation in itself proved to me it was long overdue! People... if it doesn't feel right - it's not, just get out. 

Break up has been messier than it should've been. Turns out he has multiple entity attachments - not by accident and not unwanted. These explain a bit of the creepiness I've been living with. I feel stupid for not seeing this whole situation that was right in front of me but I'm out now and my kids are safe so that's all that matters. So many light bulb moments since, even from way back before there were issues with entity attachments - I've certainly been blind when it comes to love/relationships and seeing the truth (not anymore! thankyou Moldavite)

A bit of an update of happenings since as now things have settled (3 weeks after putting the Moldavite on and beginning that journey along with the Twin Flame Journey)... 

There have been sigils placed on my third eye, which when removed resulted in demonic entities being released in the home of the person who helped me remove them. 

There's been an attempted possession on my new partner, by one of those entities and several spiritual/psychic attacks by my ex and one of what I can only describe as his "groupie" (poor girl) 

On the twin soul front, the relationship has become more than close friendship and I have never been happier in my life, he truly is "my perfect". We have been working constantly on our shadow selves and past life issues and helping each other with inner spiritual work - this has become much easier since we've started seeing each other because we haven't had to hide feelings while doing so. (although I was extremely slow on that lol)

I took the Moldavite off for a week to try getting things back to a somewhat normal again - I ended up getting a cold, which I know is my physical body releasing and healing itself to match up to my spirit. 

Since putting the Moldavite back on, things are still relatively normal and I finally feel free, happy and alive. I've taken back my power and will continue to stand tall and be my true authentic self - just a new, upgraded version ;) 

*** *** *** *** ***

I would like to thank those who have played a significant role in helping me through all of this, you are all such amazing friends and truly gifted souls who I am eternally grateful to have in my life. 

If you are on your own Moldavite or Twin Flame journey and would like to have a chat, feel free to pop into the shop or shoot me a message via the website, email or facebook - it's a tough one but so extremely rewarding and empowering! Hang in there, you got this! 

~ Lyllith Xx

*I've had calls and messages from people concerned that they will have similar occurrances to mine when wearing Moldavite - please know that my experiences are more than likely going to have been so extreme due to the nature of my work and lifestyle. I also jumped in head first without taking it slowly. 
So if you are ready for your own journey, but concerned after reading my article - please know you can take things slowly, each journey is unique - yes it will be hard and life as you know it will fall apart before the light shines but I promise you, it is worth every second.

Storing Your Botanicals

Storing Your Botanicals

While organic herbs and botanicals are the best to buy and use particularly for those of us who like our herbal teas pesticide free! - they do come with additional storage needs and issues like those pesky little brown bugs....

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Candle Magick - Releasing Spell

Candle Magick - Releasing Spell
For this particular Spell, I used a Coffin Candle, but you can use any black candle with a sigil or words carved into it, or simply throw the herbs and parchment into your cauldron. Adjust to suit your own personal needs as with all spells....

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Dressing Your Candles

Dressing Your Candles

Candle Magick is one of the most (if not “the” most) popular and easiest ways to perform spells.

Candles represent your desire, that which you wish to grow or banish and they can also be representative of a person much like using a poppet....

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Poppets and Voodoo Dolls have a long history in witchcraft and Vodou cultures and practices but have unfortunately fallen under scrutiny and become another of Hollywoods’ evil cliché magic tools.

Most people think of sticking pins into a doll and cursing their enemies...

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Herbal Teas ~ Tisane

Herbal Teas ~ Tisane

Herbal Teas have been around for thousands of years and are believed to have originated in Ancient China and/or Ancient Egypt, where they were consumed for medicinal purposes.

The technical name, or term, for herbal tea is “Tisane” and some believe the more commonly known “Herbal Tea” is misleading as not all herbal teas contain Tea leaves...

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