Candle Magick - Releasing Spell

Candle Magick - Releasing Spell

Candle Magick - Releasing Spell:

It’s easy to get distracted or caught up in our every day lives, forget to set or maintain our boundaries and protection or allow ourselves to take on too much – whether work, the emotions and problems of others or just neglecting ourselves.

This is a lesson I myself continue to learn as life just takes over and I find myself neglecting my own needs while taking on too much from those around me. Luckily it’s one that is often more of a reminder for most of us and one we can easily “fix” even just by ensuring we do take some much needed time out for ourselves – even if just to sit in the garden with a cup of tea and a book for an hour.

For those times when we have really let things get on top of us and need to clear our own space, release pent up emotions or thoughts or life has just thrown a lot at us and we need to let go of some things; there are endless ways we can incorporate some spell work to help us get back on track.

Recently I’ve been dealing with a mix of emotions due to family circumstances losing my Aunt and with my Nan in hospital after a fall (and then back in hospital again quite ill since originally writing this article within a couple of weeks of returning home!), along with additional clients I took on without proper shielding (yes, we all do it at times!). I’ve felt rather overwhelmed as a whole and with the added stress of running a business my fibromyalgia also decided to flare up and hold me back on top of everything else. So this is a little spell I cast for myself and wanted to share with you all for those who may also need it – or to keep on hand when things get too much.
coffin candle releasing spell
For this particular Spell, I used a Coffin Candle, but you can use any black candle with a sigil or words carved into it, or simply throw the herbs and parchment into your cauldron. Adjust to suit your own personal needs as with all spells.

Coffin Candle Releasing Spell 

Materials Used:

  • Black Coffin Candle
  • Herbs appropriate to what you are releasing
  • Parchment with your intention clearly written
  • Anointing oils/powders
  • Something to seal your candle if using a coffin candle
  • Best cast on a Saturday, the night after a full moon

The Spell:

If you choose to work within a circle, cast as usual.

Set your intention, write on your parchment what you wish to release – you might like to focus on single words and put those emotions etc. into them before crossing a line through each one to signify it being banished.

coffin candle releasing banishing spell

Add your parchment to your candle, add your herbs and visualize all that is to be released going into the candle as well.

Place the lid on top and seal or bind with cord/cotton or string.

Light your candle and release.

*If using a standard black candle, simply place your parchment underneath or add to your cauldron burning it with your chosen herbs.

Close your circle if you chose to cast one.

Additional rituals you could incorporate could include bath magick, a herbal tea or meditation.

Remember to ground and centre yourself as needed and before any spiritual workings – and remember it is ok to take time out for yourself, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Many Blessings,

~ Lyllith Xx

 Originally written for & published in Mystic Tribe Magazine October 2020

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  • Anonymous - April 20, 2021

    For this particular spell I used our clearing blend, but you can also use herbs like Rosemary, Frankincense, Bay Leaf, some salt and any other herbs you resonate or connect with clearing and releasing Xx

  • Becca Buckley - April 20, 2021

    What herbs and oils are best to use for this and also after the candle is lit, is it able to stay lit for some time or will it need to be blow out as the candle itself will be held together by some sort of thinner rope x

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