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PLEASE NOTE: This is for a consultation ONLY and NOT for the actual spellwork.

Spell casting Consultation with Lyllith (via email)

Before accepting a client for spell-work, we will need to discuss your intention and desired outcome for your situation. A consultation involves taking a look at energies that are present including the direction things are heading as things are, outside influences regarding your situation and any involvement or free-will of others that need to be considered. 

We will need some information from you, such as your situation, intention and goals - you are welcome to email us a brief outline of this after booking your consultation, or we will email you to ask for the information - we may have a few other questions to ask depending on your circumstances and desires. 

Once we have the information needed, a reading will be done where we will connect with our guides, Ancestors and/or Deities to help determine what work will be required, or if things are already set to manifest. Should spell-work be recommended, we will offer you a few options with a quotation and go from there.

Please be aware that not all consultations will result in a quotation for spell-work, some clients and situations may not require spiritual/magickal interference, like-wise if we do not feel comfortable with a clients' request we reserve the right to refuse service and will either offer a spell-kit for you to cast your spell yourself, or simply decline assistance. (for example, love spells directed at a specific target, cursing or hexing others, break-up spells etc.)

Examples of Spell-work We Offer: (some spells/rituals may include items being sent to you with instructions on use in conjunction with our services)

  • Curse & Hex breaking
  • Spell Reversals
  • General Love Spells (not directed at a specific person)
  • Wealth & Abundance Spells
  • Business Success Spells
  • Psychic Connections
  • Energetic Cleansing Rituals
  • Self-Love Rituals

Consultations are $50 - actual spell-work varies

***Spell-work/Spellcasting Services are non-refundable, full payment is required before any work is done on the clients behalf. As per legislations, we do not guarantee any spell-related services, though we do promise to offer honesty, integrity and devoted connection to our guides, Deities, Ancestors and all workings undertaken.***

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