Shamanic Healings

Shamanic healings are an ancient, spiritual form of energy healing that is performed through a strong connection to spirit, nature and at times multidimensional energies and beings often resulting in the client going on a spiritual journey while the practitioner enters a trance-like state during the healing session.

These types of healings are powerful, often intense and emotional and can be quite life-changing as they focus on healing the soul which facilitates healing the physical body.

Shamanic healings are beneficial for those who have suffered severe trauma - mental or physical, or who have lost part of their soul (soul fragmentation) which can lead to illness, depression and even "bad luck".

Adam offers his clients a range of healing services including:

  • Shamanic Healings
  • Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Alignment
  • Attachment Removal / Cord Cutting
  • Medicine Drum Healings
  • Energetic Cleansing
  • Psychic Surgery (depending on severity)
  • Shamanic Journeying (client dependent)

Clients wishing to book in a healing will be asked first to attend a consultation prior to booking, this can be done either in person or over the phone.

A consultation is required to ensure a healing is needed (if not, suggestions and/or recommendations may be offered); which direction to take with your healing session and how long it would be likely to take before arranging your healing session with you. 

To book a Healing Consultation with Adam, please visit this page or click the linked image.