Moldavite... 4 months later

Moldavite... 4 months later

4 Months on after I put Moldavite on...

Well... so much has happened since April! I've ended another toxic friendship and an old friend has come back into our lives, I got my creative spark back and I'm well and truly connected with the Moldavite wearing it constantly and remaining grounded.

Where to begin? People...

I had someone working in the shop for a few months who I also considered a friend. I believe this was the relationship that the Moldavite had said "not yet, more true colours" about when I went to take it off for a while. 

Unfortunately this person became rather toxic quite quickly and things just escalated so fast that in the end when I let them go from the shop and my life it did not end well. 

Without giving too much personal or confidential information, this person became offensive and crossed some lines in terms of professional standards as well as making inappropriate sexual comments directed toward myself and in front of clients. This person also became quite aggressive toward the end and even changed in appearance. By the end while I was firing them from the workplace they got quite nasty and narcissistic, even months later they still try to cause issues on social media and even driving past the shop yelling out offensive remarks. I have cut ties with this person and shall not mention them again, I only chose to here as I promised to be transparent on my journey and this was a relatively big part of it.

Moving onto the positive changes, a wonderful friend has come back into our lives as well. An amazing soul like no other who is also one of the most genuine people I have ever met and so intuitive that they left my life just before everything turned upside down, returning once things had settled, with the "knowing" that the timing was off for our business relationship and friendship to blossom. I hope to "introduce" you all to this person at some stage, some of you will see them in the shop here and there. 

Another amazing positive - my "newish" relationship with Adam is as close to perfection as possible, I have never been happier or felt so supported by a partner in my life. The past life connections we share and the twin flame journey has been insane, intense and completely unexpected but one of the best parts of my entire spiritual journey to date.

****** * ****** * ******

Business and creative changes...
My creative spark is well and truly back, I have soooooooo many new ideas and creations in my head and new projects in the works which I am really excited to share with you all once they are ready! I am also extremely fortunate to be able to share this with Adam who is also creative and comes up with some pretty awesome ideas himself :) 

Business has obviously been up and down with covid, random lockdowns and all that goes with it. But overall the energy in the shop/workplace and the customers and clients who come in and order online are all the exact reason I began this business way back all those years ago. I am helping those who need help, the dynamic in staff is amazing and the customers who pop into the shop are so much fun. I'm back to packing online orders again and enjoying every single aspect of what I do again - I mean, not going to lie the bookkeeping and paying bills isn't fun hahaha but everything else is amazing!

In terms of the Moldavite itself, we are now well and truly friends. I have been wearing it constantly since April - minus the few days I took it off a few months ago and a week while Adam wore it, but I am grounded and "stable". 

I think that about wraps it all up! I hope this provides the "closure" a few of you have asked me for since my last blog entry on the Moldavite Journey. 

We are hoping to obtain a few smaller pieces of Moldavite for the shop soon as it has become so insanely expensive and harder to get, if we do I'll share on our social media accounts once we have it. 

Many Blessings to you and yours, I hope you have enjoyed following me on my journey and don't think I'm too crazy lol 

~ Lyllith Xx

Please be careful if buying Moldavite elsewhere and ensure you are buying from a reputable source as even some seemingly reputable crystal shops are actually selling fake moldavite quite possibly unknowingly. You will feel it's intensity - just trust your gut. If it seems too cheap it's likely fake, if it doesn't look or feel right it's probably fake. Intuition is not going to lead you astray so trust it ;) 


Image Credit: Alice Down The Rabbit Hole by Arcane Chroma 

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